Why don’t we care? The reason I ask this question is that I have seen too many people not care about the world around them. Specifically, the natural world, although the implications of this question extend much farther.  

Whatever you believe about the environmental impact of fracking, the effect or reality of climate change, or the result of littering, humanity has had a negative impact on the world we rely on for our survival.

We have been so selfish about our own lives and convenience that we have ignored the consequences of our actions.

Why, then, have we done this? Why have we destroyed that which gives us life? Is it too late to change the course our selfish actions have led us on?

Ending humanity’s predilection for self-destructive behavior may be beyond the realm of possibility. We have an unfortunate tendency to look after ourselves first.

We also have a generally limited perspective of our actions and are largely unable to see how we are changing the world through our collective actions.

Of course, in a cosmic sense, your actions and, in fact, your entire life is meaningless and has no measurable positive or negative effect on the world, but that is no reason to not change your behavior.

One person will not change the world, but millions can. We are simply too narrow-minded to see how our collective actions can do what our individual actions cannot.

Is it already too late to change the course of our world that is rapidly reaching the brink of destruction? Even if it is not too late, will anyone care enough to change how he or she have always lived before there is no return?

I hope not, but I fear the path to this necessary action may be far longer and harder than necessary, and many needless sacrifices will be made. However, I am hopeful that we will not change our actions too late, and that we will be able to save our world before it is gone.

Nearly everyone I know can do more through their personal actions to add to the global effort to save our planet. Your actions do matter.

You are part of a greater whole, a group that is growing daily, made up of people who see how their actions as part of a greater whole can change the world before it is too late. A group of people who are unselfish in their actions and put the greater good ahead of their own personal convenience.

I believe myself to be one of these people, and I encourage you to become one of them too. What are some of the things that you can do that will help to save our world?

Undoubtedly, you have heard of the Pledge Against Plastic Straws, which is certainly a worthy cause here on campus. Students may throw their trash into the many recycling bins around campus.

In many ways, you will have to change your entire lifestyle in order to become as effective as possible in your mission, changes that can certainly make your life a little harder, and perhaps slightly more expensive, but not by much.

In general, all that is necessary is a simple awareness of your actions.

It is possible for all of us to become more efficient, and sustainable in our everyday lives through simple actions like using reusable water bottles, not taking more than you will eat at the cafeteria, and biking or walking to nearby locations rather than driving.

Most changes that you will make will not lower your quality of life, but will only make it marginally less convenient or more expensive.

It is important to maintain constant awareness of how your actions and how those actions, combined with the actions of billions of others, affect our world in a positive or negative manner.

Not only do some people fail to act, but believe that the world will not change, and choose to ignore the signs around them, but very little can be done on them, and less breath should be wasted on giving them attention. It is only our actions that matter, not others who choose not to act.

Some people choose to rationalize away inaction, as massive changes in coal and oil would take away jobs from those who need them.

To be honest, this doesn’t really matter, the world is constantly changing, always in flux, and there is no way to stop it.

Sacrifices must be made in order to achieve a better world, and I firmly believe that they are worth making.