Have you ever had goals in life? 

Have you ever wanted to lose weight, gain weight, write well, sing well, or any other small goal such as walk every day? 

Go back to those goal-setting times. What did you do about it? 

Let me guess, did you start reading about how to achieve these goals and how to be consistent for achieving these goals? 

Did you start gaining knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of what you were setting out to do? 

Did you achieve your goal after researching? Did you achieve your goal at all?

I am very bad when it comes to goals. 

I procrastinate on things, and I am too laid-back on deadlines I set for myself. 

Then, I blame my lack of knowledge about the goal, so I start researching it. 

This practice never helps me reach my goal, but procrastinate more. 

Recently, I realized my mistake and I am trying to work on it by doing it.

I will make mistakes, and I am sure I will fail at times, but I am learning. 

I am one-step closer to my goal. 

Not acting on it and being passive with my approach takes me ten steps back from my goal. 

I agree that there may be a few things that might scare you or intimidate you. 

For example, if you want to start a business and you don’t know anything about it, jumping right into it would be foolish; however, working in an environment which is similar to your interest of business would help you work towards taking that step. 

Like, we’re all college students learning about something that we are passionate about. 

We are not simply reading books and taking tests, but we are working in an environment that enables us to work towards our goals. 

Similarly, if you want to learn how to sing, reading music books will not help. 

Start practicing by finding sources that will teach you how to sing. 

Do not just sit and read, jump into action!

If you want to lose weight, do not start making a workout timing, your diet plan, or go shopping for protein drinks and fruits. 

Start working out at home. Open a YouTube video of a beginner workout and follow it. 

Please don’t watch it without physically moving to understand the movements, instead watch it to mimic the video’s actions. 

Don’t wait until you buy healthy food and start eating healthy. Workout and then walk to grocery store to continue your healthy habit.

Make working out a habit and not a chore you must abide by. 

When you make it a condition, you will hate it eventually. 

Although, when you make it a habit, you just cannot survive without it. 

When you cannot survive without it, that is when you will reach your goal. 

Your goal should become part of your daily routine. 

It is easier said than done, that is true, and that is why it is seldom easy to attain your goal. 

Nevertheless, if it is part of your routine, you are not only just talking about it anymore. Getting started is easier than talking about it if you just start.

Your work definitely speaks louder than your words. 

When you keep talking about your goal and do nothing about it, you tend lose your reputation, not just with your friends but also with yourself. 

You lose the urge to achieve because it is dangling on a thread of words, which is not appealing to you anymore. 

Don’t push yourself too hard by saying you are unable to see your goal clearly. 

Words have tendency to change the path and direction of your goal completely, which could be very dangerous. 

The only thing that I could suggest and would recommend people out there to do is not to read about how to achieve goals, and not to waste your time gaining knowledge about your goal or ways to achieve it. 

Go out there and start working towards your goal, so you can track your progress physically or mentally. 

It is highly impossible to achieve your goal, if it is related to physical work, by mentally saying you will do it. It won’t make a difference.

Never constrain yourself or stop yourself with information, because knowledge is power, but remember that sometimes too much information can be harmful. 

Sometimes ignorance is bliss. 

It is a simple mantra to follow: do what you need to do to achieve, and act towards your goal.