What does global warming mean to you? I guess for me it means the increase of unwanted and extreme gases on earth that humans mostly cause. 

When Earth produces an excess amount of carbon dioxide without the balance amount of oxygen and other required gases, it harms Earth in the end. 

In 1896, a scientist warned society of the risk of global warming; however, humans and various governments chose to ignore the message as always and has dragged it so far that now the lungs of the Amazon Rainforest is paying the price. 

Let’s talk more about the unwanted gases. 

The gases are carbon dioxide, CFC (Chlorofluorocarbons), nitrous oxide and few more. These three are the major reasons behind the increase of global warming. 

From mid-20thcentury, the risk and effects of global warming have surfaced in extremes. The temperature changes have been inevitable. The veracity behind the reasons for these causes are clearly due to the increase of human beings and their cruel acts towards nature. 

For us to see that we are the reason behind global warming is indigestible, but it is a naked truth. Let us see how every single human being is the reason behind it.

Answer a few questions: do you use air conditioning at home or in your residence hall? Do you use a refrigerator? Do you use plastic? 

If your answer to all of these is yes, the yes, you are one of the culprits behind one of the biggest threats hovering over Earth. 

Now let me ask you few more questions: have you ever planted any plants? Have you encountered any farmers using pesticides on their crops? 

If yes, then again, you are contributing towards the deteriorating situation of our soil and Earth. 

There are many small reasons that accumulate together and become a mass issue. To commensurate, the loss that the earth is paying for our faults is unimaginable. 

For example, the fire that destroyed acres of the Amazon rainforest. We are all wondering how. There are still debates whether it was human induced or if nature and the heat that caused it. 

Well I will ask you all to step back and realize that isn’t it humans in the end who is the reason behind this horrific crime of fire and are also the ones who will suffer? 

The Amazon rainforest is the lungs of Earth producing 20% of the world’s oxygen. Now since most of it has burned down, it cannot absorb carbon dioxide as quickly as necessary, which puts us all in more danger than ever. 

I guess now is the time we all take responsibility and work towards saving our only home where we can live. Scientists still did not start building apartments on Mars for us to immigrate there, so let’s work together and to save our only survival place. 

What we can do first is to avoid plastic as much as possible or completely. Imagine if one person would stop using plastic spoons only for one day, then they are saving almost 20 to 30 plastic spoons. 

If you can carry your own set of forks and spoons in your bag, it would save thousands of plastic spoons lying in landfills. 

Now imagine if you stop taking plastic bags from retail shops, Walmart or Kroger, then you are again saving around 20 to 50 plastic bags per month. Store a cloth bag in your bag or car so you don’t have to grab plastic bags. 

If every individual thinks that it’s appropriate for one day to use a plastic bag or a plastic spoon or a plastic straw, then imagine the number of human beings on earth. 

Now multiply that number by a week or two. You should be able to see a picture where Earth is carrying all the dumped plastic. 

The easy way to do this is keep a list of items with you always, which are basic such as a cloth bag, a steel straw, your cup, a set of cutlery, etc. 

This one-step would help us get rid of some tons of plastic from Earth, because if there is no consumer using it, then there will be no company or factory producing it. All the products come out according to the demand of it. 

The most corporate trap is that they make sure we get addicted to them because they are convenient, driving the demand up. 

Please win over your urge to use plastic and find an alternative. If you know of any more alternatives share them with your friends and encourage them to be more Earth friendly.