Have you ever passed the corridors of your college building and caught other students staring at you? 

That strong gaze of those eyes; even though they are not saying anything, you can feel their thoughts in your head blaming you for something wrong you’ve done or for how weak you are as a person. 

That is the most predictable plot of some famous novel or a film. 

However, what if there’s a major plot twist and the college student is targeted because of their interesting personality? 

Being interesting doesn’t simply mean that the person is living life in a fulfilling manner. 

For a college student having to live up to the expectations of different entities from their college professors, assigned mentors, parents, friends and the people who consider them to be “interesting.” 

“Life is not fair, get used to it!”, This is a famous quote by Bill Gates which very clearly describes the struggles that these “interesting people” face in college.

There is a never-ending list of things that causes brief turmoil in the minds of the interesting people who find it physically, emotionally and psychologically difficult to constantly carry the label of an “interesting person” only to perform their role as expected by others in college. 

Did you plan your first college trip with  a countless amount of destination choices on your plate? 

Leaving a group of students in a crossroad becomes a huge deal. 

It is in these situations that reveal the true colors of friends. 

College students deemed “interesting people” become the pure embodiment of perfectionism because they properly react when confronted in these situations. 

This becomes a win or lose situation because they must decide what works for everyone in their group. 

They make an organized plan for their first college trip by determining favorable weather, the clothing to match the weather of the destination, the best places to visit and things to do in during their vacation. 

However, if due to any reason, the favored student is unable to match the expectations of their friends, it leaves a mark on their reputation, which makes them overly anxious and stressed. 

How amazing does it feel like to be labeled an “interesting person?” 

There is a string of never-ending questions with multiple answers. 

Happiness and sadness are momentary.

When interesting people are praised or complimented for their outcomes or deeds, they feel flattered but when this happens frequently, it no longer makes any sense to them and they face what is called “boredom.” 

Similar to how no one in this whole universe is always perfect, no one is always interesting. 

A college student maintaining good academic standing is perfect in academics but can be lacking in social skills. 

Similarly, in the light of different situations, interesting people may be interesting in some situations such as in a social gathering if that person is a sweet talker but may seem to be awkward or uncomfortable in a concert with friends. 

Every college student has their own way of dealing with situations that is coined as a coping strategy by some famous psychologists such as Folkman, Lazarus and Dunkel-Schetter and DeLongis and Gruen. 

One does feel tired for trying to find answers to problems they’re hit with. 

Some college students feel worse when they feel uneasy to express their real problems and anxieties and shut themselves out from the outside world. 

No matter how students are labelled in college and the effect it has, nothing changes. 

The final decision lies in the hands of the students who are referred to as “interesting” because of their talents and capabilities which make them worthy of this title and royal treatment. 

The decision is to change,  to not regret their past choices, and to not fear losing their reputation by willingly and confidently making mistakes in front of their friends.