TikTok has become a staple for smartphone users to download on their phones and with it came thousands of new content creators. 

At this point, it is safe to say that I am addicted to TikTok. I scroll for hours almost every day. Thankfully, because of the tailored “for you” page, I have found myself on the “Harry Potter,” “Julie and the Phantoms,” and anime TikTok side very often. 

The times when I stray from those is when I realize how annoying I find the more popular creators on TikTok. On the side that has been dubbed as “straight TikTok,” I have come to notice how many of the creators are problematic. 

Starting it off, partying during a pandemic should not be okay no matter how many times you get tested for COVID-19 in a week. This is apparently not the logic for these teenage and college-age celebrities. 

The D’Amelio sisters have been spotted at various parties without masks, yet they do not get called out for it. Apparently, they are too good to be called out, so they are going to keep having and attending large gatherings.

One of the sisters defended herself and said they get tested for COVID-19 every single day, but that should not be an excuse. Not only that, during the start of this pandemic, they were very adamant in some of their TikTok videos that you should wear a mask and social distance.

What do they do after those videos are filmed? Do the exact opposite, of course. The D’Amelio sisters are not the only ones to blame. 

Bryce Hall, yet another famous TikTok creator, had his power and water shut off by the city of Los Angeles for throwing three parties in a week with one being his 21st birthday party. 

Despite that, he continues to create content on the app and has not changed his ways at all. It is outrageous! 

Partying during a global pandemic is not the only thing that bugs me so much about TikTokers. There is also the unnecessary drama they bring and this sense of elite privilege they think they have.

For example, take Tayler Holder who announced his release date for merch at the beginning of November. The problem with this merch is that it was stolen from a fan who made it as a tribute to the late Youtuber, Corey La Barrie. 

He not only stole a fan’s design, but he also disrespected La Barrie and his family who had used the phrases that were presented on the merch on La Barrie’s own line that was used as a tribute to him. 

While the issues with him have been resolved, the damage has already been done. 

Holder addressed the claims by saying he worked with La Barrie’s family only after everyone called him out for the similarities. While there was some confirmation from La Barrie’s brother and father, there were still some inconsistencies, such as where the design came from, that were never cleared. 

While the issues with him have been somewhat resolved, the damage has already been done. 

The point here is that he is so privileged, thanks to standing in front of a camera for like 60 seconds, that he can do things like this and not face any real major consequences. The merch was still released and nothing else happened. 

Once again, it is absolutely outrageous. If someone other than a TikToker that 14-year-olds found good looking did this, they would be hated one for weeks and even years on top of other serious penalties.

It makes zero sense as to why people with no explicit talents beyond doing TikTok challenges, which I do not think should be considered a talent, can do all of this and not face any consequences. 

TikTokers are too problematic and end up being bad influences for everyone who follows them religiously.