Coffee is the reason we are alive and getting through in college. 

For most of us, 40% of the blood racing through our veins is caffeine. For those people who need coffee daily, the question where to get it comes into play. 

Do we go for the cheaper option or for what tastes best? The two most popular options are Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. 

Since Starbucks is on campus, I am there frequently. They have $1 refills for iced coffees and teas if you bring in your own cup, making it incredibly enticing and extremely hard to resist. 

Many people really like the taste of coffees and teas from Starbucks. 

Personally, I don’t like anything besides the teas. I don’t think the coffee is strong at all, even the espresso. 

However, if you don’t get one of those options, the drinks can get pretty pricey, so you take what you can get. 

The average price of a medium Frappuccino, one of the more popular items on the menu, ranges from $5 to $6 and it is gone so quickly that it’s like the wind blew your money away. 

I bet if you cut your Starbucks visits in half for a couple months that you would save $100 easily; I know I would. 

Heading off campus and down the street, if you look at Dunkin Donuts, the prices go down and the sizes go up. 

Dunkin usually has a deal year round from 2-6 pm where you can get a medium iced coffee or latte with any flavoring for only $2. 

Even though you have to travel off campus to get there, the pricing and size is alluring. 

The three main sizes at Starbucks vary from eight to 12 to 24 ounces. The same at Dunkin goes from sixteen to twenty-four to thirty-two, making each size double of that from Starbucks, all while being cheaper.  

Even though it’s cheaper and you get more bang for your buck, is the coffee actually that good? 

I frequently visit Dunking Donuts for coffee. The coffee is decent, but sometimes it just tastes like sugar and watered down coffee. 

I am a connoisseur of good coffee, so I value a hard-hitting espresso, and this just isn’t it. 

It’s good if you’re on a budget and need a quick caffeine fix, but it honestly ends up making my stomach hurt from all the sugar they put in it. 

They do have other drinks there, but they all also contain a lot of sugar. 

If I just have these two to choose between, I’m going to choose Starbucks based off of more options they provide and the convenience factor of it being on campus, which is where I am most of the time. 

However, if I could choose otherwise, I would choose local. There are plenty of local coffee places to stop by or do homework within Terre Haute. 

My personal favorite is back home, but I don’t mind the ones here. 

Over by Rose-Hulman is Java Haute. It is a very uniquely and artistically decorated coffee shop with plenty of seating and outlets (thank God because my computer is never charged). 

They have many food items including delicious pastries, and honestly, you are paying the same price there as at Starbucks, but you’re getting a better atmosphere and, in my opinion, better coffee. 

They also have a drive through if you want a taste on the go. 

It’s not far from campus and is about the same distance as Dunkin, if that was your initial choice, which makes it a good alternative. 

Another great option if you are looking close to campus is Corner Grind. 

It’s a five-minute walk off campus and right next to Chava’s or J Gumbos if you are in the mood for some good food afterwards. 

They have a mocha banana iced coffee that I love, and is still the same price as Starbucks and almost equally as close. 

There’s quite a bit of sitting room to choose from and like Java Haute they have many food and drink options as well. 

Both of these are great alternatives for Starbucks or Dunkin Daunts; simultaneously, you’re giving