This past week, the ISU Board of Trustees made the decision to eliminate spring break and push back the start date of next semester back a week. 

While this change was intended to reduce the chances for students to spread COVID-19, there are still students who are not happy with this decision, including me.

For me, spring break is not a time where I go travel to tropical or crowded locations. It’s a time where I can go home and give myself a mental break from the stress of the semester, and specifically because spring break is the only break that we get during the spring semester. 

Without that break, I don’t exactly know how I’ll be able to handle the stress of the semester as a full-time college student with a job.

Although I can’t get a spring break to give myself a break, it is not the part that makes me so angry. It’s the fact that the Board of Trustees, the people making the decision, don’t even have to deal with the consequences of their choice.

They don’t have to attend classes. They don’t have to deal with the stress of doing homework constantly, even on the weekends. They don’t have to live a couple hours or states away from their families and pets for most of the year.

So why is it that they get to make the choices that impact the students so much? Yes, I get it. They give money to the school and money is important to keep the school running, but when does giving money give someone the authority to decide what happens to people’s lives that they don’t even particularly care about?

They get to carry on with their lives and their schedules are not changed at all by their decision. You know whose schedules are changed by that decision? The students and professors. 

Speaking of the professors, they get screwed over in this as well. As much as students need a break, so do the professors. They grade and plan classes so much that they have to be just as stressed as we are in the spring semester, because, as I said earlier, spring break is the only break we get in the spring.

The decision to cancel spring break was what made me think of this, but, back when we were waiting to see what the fall semester would look like, they were the ones who decided if we would come back or not. 

Because we are here, they obviously decided we would, but I would like to point out that they decided that we could go to in-person classes over Zoom. They didn’t even meet in-person to decide this and they think it’s okay to send college kids back to in-person classes?

The decision to cancel spring break was also made on Zoom, which says a lot about how “safe” they think it is to gather for a meeting. 

Granted, I don’t know the ages of the Board of Trustees and some or all could be in the high-risk group of individuals, which could explain their need to meet over Zoom.

Still, it makes zero sense for people who aren’t experiencing the everyday life of students or professors during the school year to make these kinds of decisions. 

I would rather have a Student Government Association making the decisions because then there would be a lot more input from people who experience the semester on campus and know what it is like to be a student during a pandemic.

This would be a lot more helpful than having people who aren’t even around campus that much or at all making the decisions that will affect students’ and professors’ lives for the rest of the school year.