As we all aware by now, Trump and his wife both have the coronavirus. This is quite hysterical considering his beliefs about the virus. 

In the past few weeks, we have learned that he did in fact know how detrimental the virus was, and still is, and that he purposefully downplayed it. He claims this was to not instill fear in citizens, but who honestly really knows? He also said the virus is a hoax…

When the news broke, I was pretty excited, for more malevolent reasons. I thought that God was finally unleashing his wrath on Trump, in the most twisted way, by giving him something he supposedly doesn’t even believe in. 

However, as the news continued to sink in, I started to think about the possible repercussions. If Trump did die, that would mean Pence would become president, and as much as I hate Trump, I would take him over Pence any day. 

On that note, how does Pence not have coronavirus yet? Both Pence and Trump are older men. Pence is 61 and Trump is 74. They both have a high probability of dying from the virus. 

As well as Trump already being old, he has quite a few health issues. Not even a month ago, he experienced strokes. He intentionally tried to hide this from the media, but the news ended up exposing him. 

This point brings up another question. If Trump really had the virus, wouldn’t he die? The virus is more harmful towards older people and people with preexisting conditions. 

There is another theory that him having the virus is a hoax. Some believe that it is a part of his master plan to “get” the virus, and then come out two weeks later perfectly healthy and say it wasn’t bad at all. 

This would further implement the idea that the virus is a hoax and he wasn’t lying when he made that statement. As we have seen, if he says anything, his band of brothers will believe it no matter what. 

This would hurt the efforts to fully open up the country again. More people would stop wearing masks, they will continue going to bars, and they would have further disregard those with a higher risk. 

Indiana is at stage five, which is the final phase of reopening. This makes no sense to me. The virus isn’t all of a sudden gone because we want it to be. 

Kids are in school, we don’t have a vaccine, and people are having parties with too many people. The case-fatality rate is declining, which is great, but it hasn’t completely disappeared yet!

If we had started this whole shutting down process earlier, we would probably be able to fully open back up by now. Instead, here we are, eliminating spring break, the only break we have in the spring semester. 

I fully understand why we are, but if things had been taken care of in a timely manner, we would probably be able to have a break. Now, we have to go four months with no break compared to having a small break each month in the fall semester. 

Being in college right now is really difficult. We all want to hang out at the bars with friends and have all of our in-person classes really be in person. For freshmen and seniors, it really is the hardest. Starting and ending a chapter of your life in a pandemic is not optimal. 

Regardless if Trump really has corona or not, we should all still be doing our part to protect those most vulnerable around us.