As we all now know, Joe Biden is the new President elect along with Kamala Harris as the new Vice President elect. When I saw the notification on my phone, I let out a huge sigh of relief. 

Truth be told, I did think they would win, but I wasn’t sure how long it would take or the difficulties that may come after the win. 

I saw the notification and felt relieved that my rights would stay in place and the rights of others as well. For many, this new administration means keeping their insurance, having health care, and basic human rights that might have been taken away if Trump won again. 

Even though this election is a blessing, it is also a sign that we still have a very long way to go. 

The fact that there wasn’t that great of a margin between Trump and Biden still says that there is a lot of privilege and adversity sitting at our feet. We must also remember that Biden and Harris, although Democrats, are still people and still politicians. 

We have to make sure that we call them out on their mistakes and don’t let them slide by. Even though they are “liberal” in a sense, Joe is still a conservative Democrat and Kamala was a “cop.” 

We need to make sure follow through on their words. 

They need to invest in climate change reform, restructure the criminal justice system, and ensure the safety of Americans whether it is financially, physically or mentally. Most of us are hoping they will work with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie, the people who are pushing more of the agenda we want. 

This election is a great first step and a historical one at that. Kamala is the first woman to be a Vice President, and a woman of color at that; however, as we all know, because someone is a woman does not mean they have the best interests of women in mind. 

We know her past, and we hope she shifts and makes a change. 

We have seen this with Amy Coney Barrett. She is obviously a woman, but not a woman who cares about the rights of other women. 

I am honestly hoping that Biden decides to pack the Court. There is nothing in the Constitution that states how many justices are required, and the Court has been packed before. 

The Court shouldn’t be packed to have all liberal justices or all conservative; it should be packed so that it is equal, because right now it isn’t. The Supreme Court is one of the most influential and power parts of government and they make the biggest impact with their decisions. 

Some big decisions coming up surround the Affordable Care Act (ACA), religious rights, and LGBTQIA+ rights. With a 6-3 conservative leaning Court, we can guess how these decisions may end. 

As well, we can assume that there will be issues with Trump leaving office. Even though Barrett should excuse herself from the case, she probably won’t, and therefore will be in favor of the decision as pertaining to Trump considering he appointed her. 

Although the biggest battle is won, I can foresee further ones arising in the near future. We still have issues with COVID-19 and systemic racism, which are obviously still prevalent as we saw even in this election. 

It’s currently extremely difficult to keep our chins up and have good mental wellness, but looking to the future—specifically the end of January—can provide some sense of relief.