Apple recently released its newest update, iOS 14, which came with a handful of changes. These changes help users to get more creative and artsy than ever before.

One of the first changes in the new update is, of course, the home screen. While you can keep your home screen the way it was before, many are also choosing to go a whole different route.

There are hundreds of people showing off their new home screens complete with widgets showcasing their favorite characters and landscapes. Not only that, but people are also creating custom app icons through shortcuts to really pull their theme together.

It is quite literally a dream for anyone who loves to be artsy or even for people who want a theme around their favorite book series or TV show. 

Want to have a Harry Potter-themed home screen complete with themed apps? Go for it. Find pictures by downloading apps that help create items you need. 

Spend however long you would like on the project and bam! You have a Harry Potter-themed phone complete with pictures and app icons! 

However, make sure you select the right thing in your settings or the icons will end up taking you to the shortcut’s app first before the actual app. Luckily, there are endless amounts of videos explaining the process and how to get the right settings. 

 I have not personally created the shortcuts merely because of how time-consuming the process is. I have, however, created widgets with pictures of some of my favorite characters and I love the dynamic it adds to my home screen. 

 This is especially great because of the ability to stack widgets on top of each other allowing you to swipe through them whenever you want. 

 For example, I have a picture on top of widgets for my clock, calendar and weather app. At any given time during the day, I can have the widget on any of them and be able to swipe to look at the others if I wanted to. 

Along with the customizable home screen and apps, people have discovered that this new update allows you to change the sound your phone makes when it is charging. You can have a song play or a quote from a movie or TV show! It honestly is a fangirl or fanboy’s dream. 

 Another big, helpful change in this update is the app library. Samsung has had this feature for years and Apple finally did something about it. 

 I love this feature because you no longer have to have all your apps on the home screen anymore! If I do not use an app that often, I can remove it from the home screen and let it be in the app library if I ever need it. 

 Phone calls got a lot less annoying with this update as well. Before whenever a phone call would come in, the call would take up your entire screen. This would get annoying and prevent you from doing anything until you answered.

 Now the phone call appears at the top of the screen like a notification. FaceTime calls work the same way as well. Siri got a similar upgrade, which allows it to appear as a bubble at the bottom of the screen instead of taking up the entire screen. 

Granted, there are drawbacks to this new update. 

If you were entirely used to the old way and liked how Apple was different than Samsung with its home screen design, the update may not exactly be your favorite thing. And every new update comes with some bugs and things that need to be fixed. Nothing is going to be perfect. 

Even with this in mind, iOS 14 is still a new and interesting update that allows users to be more expressive and creative with their phones, ultimately creating a more enjoyable experience.