Throughout our lives, we shift through a variety of different role models. From our parents to teachers to bosses, there is always someone we learn from. Despite many role models, parents are still the best ones we can have in life.

From the start of our journey on Earth, our parents are there. They give us an example of how to walk, speak, and go about our lives. The ideas that babies observe are crucial to how they begin to develop skills. Parents are their first example and first impressions are everything. 

Parents continue to help their kids through childhood and into adulthood. In times of crisis, kids tend to turn to their parents for help. How the parents react to this situation teaches the kids how they should react. 

If a kid is being bullied and tells their parents, then that parent is likely to go to an authority figure in the school. By seeing this, the kid is more likely to learn that this is how you should handle the situation. 

When it comes time for the kid to learn how to drive, there is the option for the parents to teach them. If they go that route, then parents have extra knowledge of how their kid thinks and will know how to correct their mistakes. 

Even if the parents don’t teach their kids how to drive, there is still the idea that they will teach them how to take care of their cars. 

My mom taught me how to check if my car needs an oil change, how to change a tire, how to check the tire pressure and a couple other precautions essential for driving. There might be mention of this in driver’s ed, but it doesn’t cover the extent that parents will.

Parents also are there to teach their kids about financial management and other important lessons on how to be an adult. Schools rarely have courses that teach you about taxes or loans. 

This leaves a huge gap in a kid’s rate of success in those areas. That’s where parents come in. They have the time and understanding to teach their kids all about the processes of these actions and the best options for their situation.

The biggest point about why parents are the best teachers is simply because they are there throughout most of our lives. 

While they may not always be there, parents are there during the years that we learn pretty much everything about the world. That’s why their influence is critical.

That’s not to say all parents are perfect teachers and their kids should listen to everything they say. Some parents are completely absent from their kid’s life. 

Others are there but create a toxic environment and could never teach anyone anything. Those situations are when the other role models in kids’ lives become better than parents.

Despite the idea that some parents are not ideal teachers, parents still have the upper hand over the other options. Teachers might be great for math and other scholarly ideas, but parents present their kids with real-life knowledge. They know their street smarts. 

Parents are the best teachers for their kids.