Being involved in college is a great way to enhance your experience while getting your degree.

Of course, your focus is on that degree after all the hard-earned money and time you have put into it, but college is more than that, it’s an experience.

Not only is getting involved on campus useful for first-year students to become acclimated, but it is a good way for any student to make their mark on campus.

If you are the student that works all the time and is taking over 18 credit hours, then becoming involved can be tricky. I would suggest finding something you are passionate about and making time for it. If you care a great deal about an interest that is offered on campus, take the time out of your schedule, even if it involves being active one day a week. 

College is not only about the work, it is also about finding out more about yourself and unlocking new interests and skills. 

We attend college for however long it takes us, but we’re here for a limited time, so now is the time to step outside of your comfort zone and fully take on this college experience. 

College is not cheap, so getting out as much of the experience and the resources provided is worth the effort. 

Being an active student on campus will put you in situations with like-minded people, and from there you can build a community of friends and acquaintances with similar interests.

It would also be in your best interest to get involved with an organization that relates to your major. Regarding work you want to do after school, you can get hands-on experience outside the classroom. 

Indiana State University offers such things like student media for anyone who wants to work in journalism, radio or video. In the civil engineering field, students can join the American Society of Civil Engineers and design, build and race a concrete canoe at the GLSC competition every spring.

The point is that there is something for everybody. And if you can’t find something that speaks to you, you can make an official club. All you need are three founding members and to get it approved.

Involvement with organizations in our career field is also a good resource to build your resume. Since we are all college students looking for that experience to help us grow and become ideal candidates for employers, your involvement with these organizations will show you have some experience with the work.

For people who are not native to Terre Haute, being involved is good way to familiarize yourself with not just ISU, but with the Terre Haute community. 

There are organizations at ISU that work with the community and getting familiar with the locals and local businesses is a good way to make connections and find out more about Terre Haute and the people who live here. 

If you want to be involved but don’t know where to start, utilize the resources at ISU to help find your niche.  

If you go on your ISU portal and click on Treehouse, there is a whole list of student organizations you can browse through with filters that can fit your specific interests. 

Keep an open mind and try anything that grabs your attention, no matter how big or small. This is your time to explore and try new things.

Taking a leap of faith can lead you to new and exciting experiences you may never have thought of.