Lo, the long foretold prophecy of old is nigh upon us, there are but a handful of days between a leisurely existence and us with no worries of projects due.

I, like many of you, will return home and sleep soundly in a familiar bed with no intention of rising before the dawn.

Hopefully, many of you have plans that go beyond doing absolutely nothing for four months, whether that is a job or an internship. I actually have both and will be keeping quite busy even without school.

I will also be able to reunite with old friends and see relatives once more. However, we are not quite there yet, several days, and many stressful nights are ahead of us before we reach the Promised Land.

Most of us have several final exams this week, and they will each take a little bit off of your life expectancy, but don’t worry, it is all going to be over soon.

In a little while, you will be beyond the reach of that one professor or homework for that one class. The end is within sight, but don’t dwell on the future lest you trip in the present and are unable to reach the land you saw in your visions, probably Florida.

Focus on the present, take each exam and test at a time, and try not to worry too much, you are probably going to do better than you think.

But there is a major misconception that many of us have, and that I fall into myself at times, that somehow, school is something we are forced to do and that we deserve some sort of a reward for completing it or that we want it to be over like some sort of disgusting chore.

The reality is that school is something that, for the most part, is here to allow us to achieve our goals. It is not a chore, but rather a choice to invest our time and money into learning skills and gaining abilities that will allow us to become employable in the field of our choice.

Sometimes school can be tough, but it is a choice on our part to continue it. No one is forcing us to do this, like in high school; we are making our own choices as adults to do what we do.

Another thing that I would like to speak on in my last article of this school year is that many of us have interpersonal conflicts that drain energy and time from us.

Not only is this something that is seen in this small controlled environment, but also it is something that can be seen on a much larger scale around the world.

Petty conflicts have led to wars that have ravaged nations, simply because of an inability to be humble and resolve conflicts. In the end, resolving conflicts is about you and your mental health.

It does not matter if it is hard for you, or if you feel that there is nothing to apologize for. Even if you are right, it is not worth it. I implore you to resolve conflicts before heading home this semester. Do whatever you need to make things right and repair relationships.

I would also suggest that this summer, while you should have fun, and take a little break, don’t lose focus on your goals. Continue to challenge yourself and constantly learn new skills and gain knowledge while you are on your summer break.

There is no time to waste, and the payoff for all of our work is far closer than most of us want to think.

Take a break, rest, relax and prepare for the next school year and your post-college life that is fast approaching.

Many of you are doing this through internships, jobs, or summer school, all of which are truly wonderful options, and I hope that all of you will be doing at least one of these things.

So, while the end is near for most of us, don’t neglect to study and prepare for your final exams that come first.

Remember that school is a wonderful opportunity that we have chosen to take advantage of, and something that we should be grateful for. Before you leave, settle your disputes and grievances in order to lessen your psychological burden.

Once you have returned home, don’t forget about your future, and continue to grow outside of the controlled world of this University. Value every moment that you have, and value every relationship that you have been blessed with.