It’s that time of year again. The time where the weather gets cold, shopping is at an all time high, and Christmas songs and commercials are everywhere way too soon.

I don’t hate Christmas; I actually really like Christmas. However, I don’t think decorations should be out, or even sold, until at least December.

This is still the fall season, and Christmas is synonymous with winter. There is still an entire other holiday in between the two biggest holidays in the year. Thanksgiving gets sidelined while Halloween is ending, and Christmas is beginning.

From what I see, Halloween doesn’t start showing up until at most October 1st. I really like Halloween and think that is maybe a little too soon, but it makes sense when you think about it. 

Many need time to buy costumes, decorations and whatever else. I would say prime Halloween time is about two weeks before Halloween; in other words, it is the time to get pumpkins and start decorating.

The immediate day that Halloween is over candy, costumes and decorations go on sale, and Christmas advertisements start popping up. Thanksgiving isn’t that big of a celebration, but it still needs some recognition.

Thanksgiving is a time to meet family, regret getting a second plate of food, and regret meeting your family in some cases. Obviously with the growing pandemic, there should not (emphasis on “should not”) be as many gatherings. 

Even with less people meeting, that doesn’t mean Thanksgiving shouldn’t be celebrated. Thanksgiving is always overshadowed by the impending Christmas shopping season.

The Christmas season is like a gradual graph starting on November 1st, which skyrockets during Black Friday shopping and Cyber Monday sales, and then continues to grow exponentially during the entirety of December.

November 1st is absolutely too soon for Christmas. Black Friday is a little bit more acceptable, but way too soon still. December 1st is acceptable, but the best time would be about two weeks before Christmas. That is perfectly reasonable for celebration. 

Schools still have time to do whatever they may want to do for holiday celebrations—at least from my hometown district. 

Television channels can do fourteen instead of twenty-five days of Christmas, and that’s plenty of time since they usually have to repeat movies anyways. 

Finally, two weeks is a generous amount of time to put decorations up, play Christmas music on the radio, and do whatever else for the presents.

Now, I’m coming from the perspective of commercial Christmas, not the holiday season. I was never raised in any religion, so I don’t know really any specifics for celebrating in this season. I know Christmas is the birthday of Jesus, but that’s about it.

I have no problems for any other holidays to be celebrated for the amount of time they are supposed to be celebrated. Although, I think commercial Christmas needs to calm down a bit.

There is no other holiday that has the same power as Christmas. The only ones that come close are Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Easter (the latter is a bit of a stretch).

Halloween includes every person of any age as long as they want to participate, and who wouldn’t? Free candy, parties (if you’re old enough), and dressing up in creative costumes sounds amazing to me.

Valentine’s Day comes next, because couples are expecting some kind of celebration. Whether that be a fancy date, some favorite flowers, or buying your high school girlfriend twenty-one Crush cans from the school because you can’t drive yet (true story by the way). 

Whatever it is, it still doesn’t shine a light to the sun that is Christmas.

Then Easter because there isn’t any other holiday that is almost universally celebrated. Really, the requirement for the list is whether Reese’s makes a custom Reese’s Cup for the holiday.

Still none of those are celebrated outside of their seasons or month, let alone two months, like Christmas is.