We seem to be, yet again, in a place where most Americans do not want to vote for the candidate representing either party. This is a common theme throughout history and it will probably happen again. 

Another common theme is highlighting the third-party as an option. While the third-party candidate is an option, it isn’t a realistic one. 

Whether you like it or not, voting third-party equals a vote for Trump. If that is fine with you, then so be it, but that will most likely be where your vote will end up. 

As well, not voting at all is also a vote for Trump. 

Contrary to popular belief, your vote does in fact matter and it is your civil duty to vote. We do not live in a country where the third-party really has a place. 

For example, in the UK, the third-party only has to get a certain percentage of votes to have a place in government. Here, we really don’t stray from the two-party system. 

I understand wanting to vote for someone who you truly trust and like. Many other liberals and I don’t necessarily want to vote for Biden but voting for Biden is the right vote just so we don’t have to have endure another four years of Trump. 

Many people tend to vote third party as a moral decision. They feel that they should vote, which they should, but they don’t like the two main options. Therefore, third party is their best option. 

For anyone who doesn’t know much about our governmental system, particularly the Electoral College, they may feel hopeless and that the third-party vote is their only option. 

At a first glance, the third-party candidates seemed tempting to even me. One candidate is a woman who wants to implement a more parliamentary type of government, and she’s not too old. Her name is Jo Jorgensen. 

As one does when interested, I started looking into her beliefs. If you are a republican who doesn’t want to vote for Trump, she is your gal. For any liberals, she pretty much is the opposite of what you would want. 

I began looking at her stances on social issues like abortion and same sex marriage. She is pro-choice and pro same sex marriage. So far, it was looking okay. 

As I looked deeper, I see that she doesn’t believe in more restrictions on guns laws, doesn’t want to increase environmental regulations, and believes businesses can deny service to anyone for any reason. 

This woman really confuses me. On some issues, she is relatively left winged. On other issues, she is so far right winged. It isn’t like she is economically conservative and socially liberal; she is all over the place. 

She wants to provide police body cams and decriminalize marijuana, but she doesn’t want to “defund” the police. It’s hard because I really agree with her on some issues, but strongly disagree with her on others. 

In a place that isn’t the United States, she might be a viable option. She would probably end up having a place in government and people’s needs would be heard. However, we live in a country that is stuck and probably will remain stuck in a two-party dominated system. 

Everyone has the right to vote and should exercise that right, but that right should be exercised with research and knowledge, not at random. We have the power to change the world and make it better. 

Personally, I am holding on for when I get to vote for AOC. For now, I will settle for the spicy Democrat, as I call him, Joe Biden.