Syracuse University looks slightly different in the Covid-Era, hundreds of signs dot the campus reminding of masks, the stay safe pledge, social distancing and reminders to get tested, Syracuse, N.Y., Friday August 28, 2020 Scott Schild |

Last week, ISU announced that our final week before Thanksgiving break is now online. This does not come as a shock for anyone who has been paying close attention to the COVID-19 numbers, which are at a current high.

While this should be surprising for people, it was not that much of a surprise for me. Why? Because I work at the library on campus and can tell you that people don’t wear their masks…like at all. 

It is ridiculous! Wearing a mask does not hurt you in any way other than being in a small inconvenience. I have to wear one every single day for hours at a time during my campus job, and I am not dead.

Why is it so hard for students to wear a mask for the small amount of time they are out on campus?

It is not like you do not have places where you can freely remove your mask. If you live on campus, as long as your door is closed, you can take the mask off in your room. You do not need a mask in a car—unless there are others in your car, it is not advised to take off your mask. 

I know that it sucks to wear a mask, but the faster we get this virus under control the sooner we can go back to a somewhat normal lifestyle. 

Yes, wearing a mask does not completely prevent you from getting the virus, but it helps prevent you from spreading it to others who are more at risk than you. Do you not care about your grandparents or even parents with medical problems? 

Your loved ones are still at risk. 

I know the number of deaths thanks to the virus have not been advertised as much compared to the election, but that does not mean the pandemic is no longer happening. 

If you are not worried about your family members, because they are not high risk, then do it to be a nice person.

Countless students and faculty were forced to quarantine this semester, which makes it so much harder to learn. Plus, the inconvenience of quarantining can lead to individuals being unable to earn money needed for their bills. 

Be a decent human being and think about others for like a small second when considering whether to wear a mask.

In fact, if people do not wear masks when they are asked, we could be online next semester and maybe another after that. Zoom university is not what any of us signed up for, and it is honestly the worst form of learning.

I do not think I have comprehended anything this semester from my classes who met fully online. I think the only class I learned the most in was in-person. This cycle of not learning anything will continue if people do not wear their masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Granted, refusing to wear a mask is not the only thing prolonging this pandemic. People are reluctant to social distance because they got too comfortable being around all their friends and thinking that the virus is gone.

Yes, the cases did decrease, and things were looking better. Unfortunately, until we do not have a new single confirmed case in the United States, precautions should continue.

Just think about it. 

Because people refused to wear masks and follow the other precautions, the numbers rose again. Now, we are facing another potential lockdown, and we most likely won’t have spring semester in-person. 

It is a repeat of last March except we were aware its existence this time.

Wearing a mask might be annoying but would you rather stay at home the entire time and not see your friends again? I would pick a wearing a mask. 

Just wear the stupid mask and know that you are doing your part to try to go back to a relative normal sooner rather than later.