It’s time to confess my feelings that I’ve kept bottled inside me. Yes, I love to shop for clothes, shoes and accessories that create a complete look that could be put on the cover of Vogue magazine. 

It’s like an everlasting wave of passion in my mind with thoughts of greed, perfection and grandiosity. As a person with flaws, I have had moments of enlightenment in the journey of shopping. 

My thoughts were influenced by my mother saying, “Try out the beige heels. They go with every outfit you wear and adds a flavor of cuteness to it.” 

Come to think of it, the world full of science and technology is driven by the same external forces as the fashion market. All are systematic and are required to fulfill certain criteria to be regarded as “worthy of buying” by consumers. 

First, color contrasts are important to get a desired look. It is similar to the way an artist creates a masterpiece by blending colors perfectly to express the valuable meaning of art.

The color black is symbolic of modesty and boldness, and it tends to match with everything, making it an easy choice for a regular shopper. 

Second, the overall effect the look adds to the individual’s personality should be commendable. 

If someone asked me, I would say, “that is true and because it is, I absolutely agree with my mother’s thinking.” My mother has a lot of opinions on everything spanning across all fields of interests, but the best part is that she has something meaningful to say. 

Third, clothing serves multiple roles, which then continue to multiply depending on the way one uses it on a daily basis. 

Protection is a purpose of clothing that has been used since the time of homo sapiens. 

Nowadays, with new technology, marketing, branding, tastes, preferences and the needs of consumers have been elevated to a different level.

Clothes today reflect the personality of the wearer and have led to different categories of clothing. Formal clothing is for professional occasions because they help highlight a respectful and polite demeanor. 

Casual clothing manifests a sense of cheerfulness, joy and bright behavior in the wearer. 

Fourth, I might not have a staunch philosophical personality like Aristotle and Socrates, but I do abide by certain validated rules of dressing such as “dressing for the weather.” Unless one desires to be reduced to a barbequed chicken with hot sauce on a warm, sunny morning or an awfully dreadful white snow-witch in the dreadful winter, we should wear clothes that are suited for that specific weather. 

If your closet is as empty as burger without McNuggets, then I suggest you go on a shopping spree in your nearby store or a mall. I have faith in all of you to keep these steps in mind when creating your next admirable look while being conscious of the weather.