I am a food junkie. Sometimes, I like to sit and ponder about what is my favorite food in each food group is,—vegetables, fruits, grains, diary, and protein—and then I contemplate my all-time favorite food.

My answer always remains the same: onions are the superior vegetable. Considering their taste, I would even say they are the tastiest food of the food groups. Although alone they are not the most filling, they are still the best food ever.

For as long as I can remember, presumably my entire life, I have been an onion fanatic. Anytime my mom is cooking, I always ask her to add extra onions. I am unapologetically obsessed.

If you are not an onion lover like me, you may be unaware of the wide array of onions. These include yellow, white, sweet, purple (not red!), scallion, and more. 

Because so many varieties of onions exist, I would even argue they are the most versatile. Onions can be paired with any type of food.

If you are eating breakfast, you can throw some onions in your breakfast burrito. Maybe you enjoy onions in your omelet or on top of a breakfast sandwich. Nothing compares to the smell of onions caramelizing in the morning!

Onions can be added to a juicy burger or slider for lunch. They can be added on top of a tasty steak for dinner. I believe onions can go with virtually any soup—chili, potato soup, and of course, French onion soup.

Not to mention, they are delicious as sides or appetizers. Outback has a delicious blooming onion appetizer. My grandpa’s girlfriend makes the absolute best homemade Vandalia onion rings.

Regardless of what they are paired with, onions complete and elevate any dish. With few exceptions, they can literally be added to any food.

Along with their versatility, it seems onions are included in most cultures’ cuisine.

They are clearly crucial to American cuisine. A burger is not complete unless onions are added. My personal favorite is caramelized onions, but I do not discriminate. 

Baseball style hot dogs topped with grilled onions and peppers along with miscellaneous other toppings would not be the same without onions. Likewise, if I am ordering a pizza, onions are a must have topping.

I also believe onions are a must have in Mexican cuisine; you cannot have salsa without onions. Grilled onions in fajitas are unmatched. I also enjoy raw onions in my tacos. 

I simply cannot imagine eating an onion-less taco.

Full disclosure, I cannot recall a time I had authentic Chinese food because I often eat the American version of Chinese food.

Nevertheless, I absolutely love onions in beef and broccoli. Nothing compares to eating a hunk of an onion while chowing down on some broccoli smothered in the teriyaki sauce. Lo Mein with tiny chopped up onions is super delicious too.

I do not believe I have ever had authentic Italian food, but it seems onions are always involved. I am more of a red sauce type of person, and red sauce tastes extra yummy when there are onions.

I love when my mom makes baked spaghetti or ziti with little chopped up onions. Even though they are small, their taste is mighty.

Overall, I wholeheartedly believe onions go well with everything. Time and time again they remain my favorite vegetable. However, if I had to choose a second vegetable, it would be corn.

As an Illinois resident, corn is practically part of our life. I also believe corn is versatile and tasty, but onions are slightly more superior.

As a student, it is difficult to cook for myself. Once I finally become an adult, I would love to learn how to cook more dishes with onions. Even though onions make me cry while I chop them, I love them. 

I hope we can all appreciate the delicious flavors that onions provide us.