In the ongoing pandemic, there have been a countless number of people whose lives have been changed and have had to deal with the cost of the care they received if they had the virus.

Hospitalization has never been cheap. Even a few minute check-ups can cost you hundreds of dollars out of your bank account and sometimes more if you don’t have insurance.

Even if you aren’t hospitalized, going to the emergency room, riding in an ambulance in an emergency, or even going to the doctor can result in big bills that nobody wants to pay nor should they be forced to.

Yes, those health professionals need to make money somehow. After all, that is their source of living. 

There is also the idea that most of the drugs and medicines used to treat medical problems are expensive to create. That doesn’t mean that the people in need of those resources and the medicines should have to deal with the cost of them.

Too many people in today’s society don’t go to the doctor because it’s too expensive or they don’t have the insurance coverage to do so. 

That means that their medical problems, which could end up being life-threatening or even have negative long-term effects, persist and remain untreated except for the occasional over the counter medicine. 

I know for a fact that whenever I get sick, I avoid going to the doctor as long as possible because I don’t want to pay for the bill. It might not be the best option, but if it saves money then I think that it is the better option, considering the world revolves around money and requires you to have it. 

This should not be happening. Why would anyone value gaining money over keeping people alive?

An example of this could be a pregnant woman. She could be giving birth to a child without the proper care and end up hurting not only herself but also the child.

All of this would happen because she might not want to deal with the cost of going to the hospital for it or have no way to deal with it to begin with. 

This kind of situation could be avoided with universal health care. Government funding and taxes would help pay for medical professions. 

Now, I know no one wants to pay more in taxes, but when the end result would lead to less money spent on health care out of your own pocket, wouldn’t you want that option? 

Think about it. The amount of money you spend on doctor’s visits every year would likely be more than you pay for taxes. At least if the health care costs were added into taxes, you would know ahead of time how much it would cost and not have to worry about extra expenses coming out of nowhere. 

It would end up being more of a benefit than a burden.

Even if a completely free health care system is out of reach, there are still ways to make it more affordable. Health insurance is already hard enough to get for some people and should be made easier to obtain, which can help those who struggle with expenses. 

Despite all of this, the ultimate reason that health care should be free is for the people. 

Money is very important, I’m not going to deny that fact, but it shouldn’t be more important than the lives of others around us. Even if you don’t know them, it should still matter. 

You never know what that person could end up contributing to the world. Why should people have to suffer from needing help?