Since coming back to school, I’ve started to notice my childhood returning in different forms. I see girls wearing biker shorts and hair clips. I hear the Jonas Brothers blaring from headphones. Are the 2000s coming back?

The 2000s was a time of fake tattoos and soda-flavored chapstick. Everyone’s hair was put into ungodly hairstyles, but the beauty of it was that no one cared. 

You could wear the brightest lipsticks and paint your nails the worst neon green ever seen, but it was considered “trendy.” 

I’m sure we’ve all seen Jenna Marbles’ recent video where she gave herself a Claire’s makeover. Essentially, she tried on all the 2000s trends like slap bracelets, those tiny glasses that fit on no one’s face, and chokers. Some of them were a hit and some were definitely a miss. 

The 2000s were so unproblematic that you could do things like wear blue eyeshadow, but that’s probably because I was in grade school so I didn’t have much to worry about. Many of the trends circling back are trends I love and I hope they stay in style, but some are less than desirable.

Although, a 2000s return I hate is crocs. An unpopular opinion, but I think they make your feet sweaty and I’m sorry but they only need to be worn for a midnight Walmart run. 

Let’s be honest, the tan lines from those things make it look like you have chicken feet. I know people that own five different pairs of crocs, but why? 

They’re expensive pieces of rubber with a back to keep your feet in when you’re running from people; also, while having a Finding Nemo and Mickey Mouse shoe charm ya know, so no one forgets you’re a 12-year-old in a 20 year olds’ body. 

A 2000s item that I’m glad didn’t return is gauchos. Those flowy, cropped pieces of material we called “pants.” Let’s be clear, gauchos are not pants. 

They are items of clothing our mothers let us wear out of the house because they forgot to check what we were wearing that day. Often, they were paired with a Bobby Jack shirt, the clothes made with a monkey on them blowing a bubble.  

I think I made it to school wearing one outfit a week that genuinely matched. I remember a staple outfit I had being a camo Bobby Jack shirt with brown gauchos and a headband, and sometimes I’d throw on a jean vest to spice it up. 

A 2000s return I love is Disney stars. There are rumors of Miley Cyrus bringing back Hannah Montana

According to Seventeen magazine, Miley has been dropping subtle hints about bringing back Hannah from her new haircut to releasing a Best of Hannah Montanavinyl. 

Now one Disney return that I am ecstatic about is a Lizzie McGuire reboot. We all remember the best of Hilary Duff in the old Disney T.V. show and most importantly, the Lizzie McGuire movie. 

Disney has announced a Lizzie McGuire reboot that follows a 30-year-old Lizzie in NYC. Unfortunately, I think it’s only on the new Disney platform that you have to pay for, but I just might pay the price. The show is set to release this November!

As far as music, we all were anticipating the Jonas Brothers new album. I listened to their hit single “Sucker” for weeks on end and in my opinion, it still hits, especially on a late night drive. 

Their tour ticket prices are somewhat steep but I guarantee to you women and JoBro bros that there will be audience members ranging from ages 7-37. 

Not only did the brothers come back with music, they all came back with wives. Kevin had been married for a few years, but Joe and Nick recently got married to their no less than star-studded wives. It’s kind of weird seeing our idols all grown up with families, but they still can make the same great music. 

Our childhood also foreshadowed some unfortunate events. Donald Trump made a cameo in Home Alone 2, a much beloved film. The Simpsonspredicted his presidency back in 2000, 16 years before he got into office. 

He also had his own show, The Apprentice,where he would bring in celebrities to accomplish various challenges and the winner got money donated to their choice charity, as far as we know. Now I think we’re all hoping someone would tell him, “You’re fired!” 

The 2000s had some amazing things to offer and I hope we continue those trends, like screaming “Mr. Brightside” when it comes on the radio or at a party.