The predicament of losing creativity or a creative brain is an unsettling thought. 

Reading has proven to have an advantage that can provide you with great power of being creative. 

Nothing can commensurate the knowledge that you can gain from reading, which we miss now, as Ctrl+F has taken over. 

As a kid, I use to love reading stories and listening to them from my mother or grandmother. 

I use to imagine so many things around the stories; I use to make my own creative world of the stories I used to hear. 

The color of the dress of the fairy god, her chariot, or, in my case, the images of Gods (my mom use to tell me many stories of Hindu Gods) and many more. 

Now we have videos. If parents want their children to be engaged, they let them watch YouTube. 

Too much exposure to videos or screens might jeopardize their creative brains, while the benefits to reading are endless. 

It is not confined to children, it also benefits adults. 

We all must make it a habit to read if possible. Reading sharpens your brain as you focus on stories or the data you are reading; it stimulates your brain. 

I must also point out that it helps increase your vocabulary. 

I remember the first time I started reading novels. I could not understand half of the page; I would have to look up those words in a dictionary, mind you, it was not a phone but actual dictionary with pages. 

Through some words or the repetition of the same word in different contexts, I would understand with the essence of the story or the sentences. 

This tedious work helped me to build my vocabulary to some extent (I wouldn’t claim I am the best, but hey, I am working towards it). 

Reading also lowers your stress. 

Stress is a real thing and reading tends to lower it, because you disconnect yourself from the real world and the stress that accompanies it, and travel into the creative world of the book you are reading.

I understand going through a lot of stress does not give you time to read, but I believe if you have time to scroll Facebook for hours without you realizing that you have seen a lot of crap, then you definitely have time to read a good book. 

Reading indefinitely works on your memory; studies have proved that it increases your memory.

As I mentioned above, when you read, it stimulates your brain and help you focus more, which in turn works on your memory. 

You can always become a walking hard drive. 

Think about it. How many of us remember people we met when we were children? 

I still remember the face of my first-grade teacher; however, will my hard drive remember her even after I delete it? Mine does. 

The kind of advantage that we as humans have is incredible, please embrace it and utilize it to the fullest. 

Reading has helped me to enhance my imagination. Without even realizing it, scrolling through Facebook, watching YouTube, liking photos on Instagram and so on, you could be killing your imagination in many ways. 

I know technology has helped us to present data creatively, but in many ways, it is handicapping us and making us dependent on technology to be creative. 

This is a dangerous place for us to be. We should think of technology as a tool and not as a primary place to live in. 

Many studies have also shown that reading books improves sleep.

I couldn’t agree more because when I read at night, I do feel sleepy. 

Although, when I watch a video, I stay awake for hours, because I am still scrolling and taking nothing into my brain. 

It is like a drug because I am unable to stop even though I know it is hurting my eyes and my brain. I am ruining my sleep time, and my thumb is in pain. 

I truly believe and request you all to please read books, papers or anything! Just read! 

I think if you are reading this article, then you are already doing an effort to change and are interested in reading. 

So, all the best!