With the recent pandemic, there have been a countless number of people whose lives have been changed and have had to deal with the consequences including the cost of care they received if they had the virus.

Love is the center of everything; it quite literally keeps us alive. Without love, life would be depressing and gloomy.

Student life is filled with challenges and ordeals of its own. You are expected to study, work hard, submit your work on time. There are so many more expectations imposed on you as a student, irrespective of your emotional stress. 

We are all aware of the ongoing battle concerning immigration. Since Trump took office, he has made it a point to ensure that undocumented immigrants are not allowed into this country. He claims they are all criminals, as well as some other expletives. 

We seem to be, yet again, in a place where most Americans do not want to vote for the candidate representing either party. This is a common theme throughout history and it will probably happen again. 

I have always been pro-choice and still am. This goes for about everything I think about. As long as you aren’t hurting anyone else or yourself (emotionally or physically), I’m fine with whatever you want to do.

I believe many women would agree with me when I say that Panhellenic recruitment is the best time of the year. The eagerness of welcoming new members to your respective chapter and to the Panhellenic community is contagious.

Something ISU prides itself on is being an environmentally friendly campus. It is no doubt that we have a gorgeous campus—beautiful trees, colorful flowers, crazy squirrels and pretty insects.

In the ongoing pandemic, there have been a countless number of people whose lives have been changed and have had to deal with the cost of the care they received if they had the virus.

As a gamer, I have a widespread taste in video games. I can go from a 2-D platformer to a first-person shooter within an hour. 

Midterms are upon us and with all that work comes an even bigger pile of stress. Unfortunately, there are few opportunities to relieve that stress, which can cause problems for students. That is why students should get mental health days. 

With a majority of the world’s population being right-handed, few left-handed products exist. As lefties, we are responsible for adjusting to the right-handed world.

There are many misconceptions about sororities in the Panhellenic Community—tons of hazing, paying for friends, party animals, etc.—and while it may be true on other campuses, I can assure you Indiana State’s Panhellenic community is different.

The American flag is supposed to represent freedom. Many years ago, our Founding Fathers came to this land to start a new life, and when they did, they planted the flag into American soil. 

The love for music is undeniable and exists in all of us. Although our favorite genres may vary, it is difficult to find someone who does not like music at all.

I think it is safe to say that 2020 has been a terrible year. From COVID-19 and quarantine, to famous celebrities passing away, to the stress of the upcoming presidential election, it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. 

This past week, the ISU Board of Trustees made the decision to eliminate spring break and push back the start date of next semester back a week. 

The Indiana State Board of Trustees issued a decision to cancel spring break for the Spring 2021 semester, which will now start a week later than usual. Although canceling spring break may be for the best, many students are unhappy. 

As we all aware by now, Trump and his wife both have the coronavirus. This is quite hysterical considering his beliefs about the virus. 

Things are getting more and more out of hand. I don’t follow politics that much, and I don’t like Trump, but even though he’s sick, I don’t wish him ill will. I don’t think he should get death threats from Facebook users.