The practice of meditation in western culture has not been as popular as it is in Asiatic culture. However, there has been a recent surge of interest in mediation in our western culture. 

Constructivism is a theory on how people learn based on observation and scientific study. It explains that people build their own world understanding and knowledge by experiencing things and reflecting on those experiences. 

Breaking or starting a habit can be difficult for a lot of people. It is hard to stray away from something you continuously do or to start something that you aren’t used to. 

In the past year, some grocery stores have created a new way for people to shop. Grocery pickup appears to be the simple and easy way to shop from the information in advertisements. 

Most of us have a job during school. Some people have two or three jobs on top of a full course load. 

It’s time to confess my feelings that I’ve kept bottled inside me. Yes, I love to shop for clothes, shoes and accessories that create a complete look that could be put on the cover of Vogue magazine. 

It’s interesting to see how things around us are well organized; the plants are perfectly planted in a line, seating arrangements in classrooms, school events are planned, and many more aspects around us are calculated. 

Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) is the latest installment in the somewhat underwhelming DC Extended Universe of movies. It’s a loose sequel to Suicide Squad from 2016, which was met with mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. 

One of the most important aspects of picking a major is knowing what you want to with it once you graduate. It is one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make, merely because I am practically deciding my whole future before turning 21. 

Learning should be self-regulated; learners and students are categorized as self-regulated learners when they are constantly aware of their active participation through behavioral, self-motivational, cognitive, etc. techniques during their learning process. 

“The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves” said Helen Keller.

Money is something that can make or break a person. How silly that a small green piece of paper seems to control the world (with the realization that money looks different around the world). 

“Education is about enhancing learning, and neuroscience is about understanding the mental processes involved in learning. This common ground suggests a future in which educational practice can be transformed by science, just as medical practice was transformed by science about a century ago.” – Report by the Royal Society, UK, 2011.