Need to cram for a test or want to go somewhere quiet on Campus to study? Here are some of the top recommended places to go.

  1. Cunningham Memorial Library – This study place provides students with a safe quiet zone to study to your heart’s desire. It also provides refreshments from the in-building café called The Cup and Saucer. The library also provides the students of Indiana State University with plenty of resources that can be used at their own disposal such as printers, copiers, computers, and of course- books!
  2. Health and Human Services Building – Newly renovated, this area provides students with a multitude of areas that a student or group of students may study, while staying physically distanced. Modern furniture and décor create an ambiance that students often love. 
  3. HMSU (Hulman Memorial Student Union) Starbucks – The cool and relaxing attitude of study area goes well with the aesthetic atmosphere of a college café. The sound of chatter mixes with the sound of brewing coffee to create a great place to study. The aroma of fresh grounds can’t help but wake you up and make you more motivated.  
  4. The Science Building – The Science Building provides students with a very calm place to study, as it is chalked full of places to study and share knowledge. With modern furniture on each floor, it is great to study and stay socially distanced! 

Of course, during this time it is important to remember your mask whenever you are not studying in your own room. Stay safe and study hard!