The first surge of COVID-19 in the United States generated fear and uncertainty in everyone’s life. It effected thousands of students’ spring semesters because many universities around the country had to abruptly close. 

These sudden changes have given rise to uncertainty. COVID-19 did not only affect universities, but students were affected in many ways. 

Students living in dorms were forced to vacate, international students were placed in difficult situations, and parents were confused on how to engage their children because of quarantine. 

International students were in a constant state of anxiety and their education status. The conundrum that began with COVID-19 left international students and their parents in great despair. 

Through all the chaos, we survived. Even living in a country with largest number of positive cases and an extremely large number of deaths, we survived.

We headed toward the summer with a pinch of hope that COVID-19 might, but it was pretty much the same. Yes, the lockdown was lifted, but while some stayed inside, many became frustrated with being confined and started going out. 

Life felt like it was going back to normal, but nothing was and will be normal again. 

I had to go outside to shop for groceries and saw the empty roads and parking lots. A wave of realization came over me again about severity of the virus. 

The insane panic about the virus began started to fade away and we began to normalize going outside again. 

I came across an ironic, yet very true, meme that showed a graph of fear surrounding COVID was high when the number of positive cases was less, but now that the number of positive cases has increased the fear has drastically decreased. 

But our circumstances haven’t changed; life has continued with the virus. We have heard several news stories regarding COVID-19 vaccination trials, but most have not passed all the stages. 

People are still struggling and are scared for their lives; however, remedies have been found which have saved numerous lives and has given hope to families. 

As students, we still have our fall semester to look forward to because it won’t be the same. 

Indiana State has taken several precautionary steps to ensure the safety of their students and staff such as wearing a mask and controlling the number of students in each class either through hybrid teaching or completely online classes. 

All these changes will make this semester very bizarre and different. Students are experiencing  a completely new culture of safety around campus. 

There probably won’t be any major events happening this semester and student organizations are doing their best to have online meetings. 

I don’t know how this will affect the new coming students, incoming international students, and returning students. 

Yes, it is different and odd, but we will make it through to tell our future generations that nothing is impossible. I wish us all a great semester!