Moving can be really stressful. You never realize how much stuff you’ve accumulated until you’re staring right at it. 

When you’re looking at the mountain of belongings piled on your bed, storing it and moving it to a new home can seem to be impossible.

To help you tackle the massive job of moving, several Indiana State students are sharing their premiums move-in hacks.

Caitlin Lanning, an English major, says, “You need to make sure that you have enough storage to be able to move all of your stuff. I use totes, for instance, and it’s worked like a charm for me.”

Sophomore Morgan Ingle advises students to not bring too much stuff from home. “You don’t need too many knickknacks, because you won’t use them and they’ll just take up space.”

Eli Cooksey, a member of Res Life, said students who are moving into campus residence halls need to take advantage of the assistance offered by the move-in crew and others. “I would definitely utilize all of the people there to help you during move in, like move-in crews and the Res Life staff. Be sure to have everything organized and learn how to stack things in carts so that it doesn’t all fall out.”

Cooksey has some ideas for students moving clothes on hangers. “You need to make sure they’re not going to fall out all over the place. I used to use trash bags and cut a hole for the hangers so that you can just hang them up when you’re ready. 

Carley Esenwein, a senior, said students need to double- and triple-check the items they are moving. “Make sure you have everything you need.

“If you see stuff at the store that’s, like, medicine, or cleaning stuff and you think that you won’t need it, just get it anyway. You’ll definitely need it at some point,” Esenwein said.

Organization is important. Don’t throw all of your stuff in a haphazard pile. If you do, you won’t be able to fit it into boxes in the most effective way.

Make items as small as possible. Folding clothes can save a lot of space and require fewer boxes. That means less trips from your car to your apartment.

Organization also has the added bonus of letting you be able to quickly find all of your favorite things so that you can make sure they have a place of importance in your room or apartment.

Using these tips can help you get through the move-in process quickly.

Ingle said it took her only two hours to move all of her things into her room. “The key is knowing what you want your room to look like before you go in. I had a Pinterest board and made sure that I knew what I was going for. I also made a little diagram of where I wanted all the furniture to be and where I would have space for storage, decorations, and more.”

Hopefully these tips will help you have a stress-free move-in experience.