In Terre Haute there are currently over 400 properties available to rent on With this being said, is there a way to know you are making the right choice?

Often times, looking for an apartment can be stressful, so it’s important to start by doing some simple research as well as making a checklist of things you require in any housing situation. 

Shelby Johnson, an employee at RiverFront Lofts, said there are some important things to consider when looking for a place to live.

 “I would just stress to people that they really need to do research on whatever complex they look at,” Johnson said. “They need to find comments and reviews from people online that have lived there. In Terre Haute specifically, you also want to consider your commute to work or school and if that would be impacted by trains.”

Johnson said there are basic amenities to look for in a building. Sometimes spending slightly more on rent could mean feeling safer and having an overall much better experience, she said.

“Good things to look for are sometimes tied to the amenities they offer,” she said. “Like for us, we have controlled access into the building and the fitness center. You just need to pay attention to those types of things and the upkeep of them. We also have an on resident cop that lives here and a hotline for noise complaints to just try and keep our residents happy. Definitely look at the cleanliness of the building as well.”

Johnson said there are red flags to look for in a building. “Red flags would be just looking at baseboards for damages just to make sure that when the maintenance goes in there and they try to get all of the basic things done. The basics are things like repainting, floor touch-ups, cleanliness and working appliances.”

In regards to living alone versus living with roommates, Johnson offered a clear list of pros and cons for each. 

“If you live alone, that’s your space you can do whatever you want with it but you could get lonely living with roommates means there’s someone that’s always there and it’s financially better but you also just want to make sure people pay their share of the rent because you will probably also be responsible for that.”