Students of Interlink organization march together as a part of the Homecoming Parade in 2013.

Diversity is a necessity, whether it be in our workplaces or our educational institutions. Diversity brings acceptance, patience, listening and compassion. It is a very important aspect for most jobs, organizations, leadership roles and more. 

Indiana State University is a hub for diversity. You can spot diverse groups of students everywhere you go on campus. It is commonplace to see students from different cultures and backgrounds mingling and befriending one another. Diversity, it has been said, is the art of thinking independently together. That is very true at Indiana State. There are numerous organizations that promote and protect diversity on campus, introduce different cultures and ways of living to those unfamiliar, and provide a community for like-minded individuals to gather. The aim is for students to learn from one another, stay in school, graduate and succeed in life.

Multicultural Services and Programs Office is one such place on campus. It is a resource for a multitude of ISU groups catering actively to a diverse student population. They strive for inclusion of all students and promote intercultural competency. They host workshops, provide services, offer resources and programs, as well as more specific group resource centers.

La Casita Resource Center works closely with the Hispanic Latino Alliance and gives voice to the rich heritage, culture, and backgrounds of Hispanic and Latino students. 

There is the LGBTQ Resource Center that provides a safe space for students who identify as LGBTQ. They focus on  the rights and existence of LGBTQ community and raise awareness of the community within ISU.

The International Student Resource Center is dedicated for the international students we have at ISU. Their activities are focused on bringing all students together, regardless of country, culture or religious affiliation. The kinds of events they conduct include World Hijab Day, Removing Barriers-Build A Bear, Around the World in 90 minutes,  and more.

There is also the Women’s Resource Center, which works to empower women and create a space where people of all gender identities and expressions feel safe, empowered, and educated on all gender issues. They provide training, programming, support and advocacy for sexual violence, relationship violence, and stalking, among other topics.

Apart from MSP groups, Indiana State has many other organizations and communities that work toward making diversity and inclusion a typical experience on campus.

The Charles E. Brown African American Cultural Center is focused on creating an empowering atmosphere for African American students to create, innovate, designate and decide cultural programs relevant to them. This center also helps provide support and encouragement for African American students’ psychological and social needs, helps identify potential talents of neglected students and makes society aware of the need for racial justice.

The Center for Global Engagement is an organization dedicated to the betterment of students and faculty through programming like International Student and Scholar Services. They help enrolled international students understand and abide all immigration rules and regulations. They provide counseling for social and cultural adjustment to ISU and ensure access to critical student services.

CGE also has the Study Abroad Program by which students who are interested in experiencing diversity outside the United States can gain information about studying in another country. In addition to semester-long study abroad opportunities, there are faculty-led, short-term programs where students can travel with and study alongside ISU faculty members.

ISU also has some great student organizations which not only promote diverisity, but also bring it into reality. 

The International Student Leadership Council is dedicated to help international students transition to a new place and environment. ISLC conducts many events for students to aquaint themselves with the ISU campus, adjust to a new lifestyle and make friends. This organization often becomes a quasi family to international students while they are living abroad outside their home countries.

Every part of ISU—organizations, departments, faculty and students—promotes diversity. Every department has its own diversity statement, which you can find online. These, however, are not mere write ups, but they are intensely followed and are considered one of the most important parts of ISU. Our diverse culture helps us ensure that every student at ISU feels safe and happy in their choice to be a part of our wonderful university.