On a campus the size of ISU, there are some really great places to hit the books. Let me guide you to places where you can focus on your studies comfortably, sometimes with few distractions, and all while getting you out of your dorm room.

Cunningham Memorial Library has a study space for everyone. There are isolated places on the second and third floors and some corners that are surrounded by books and walls with a few tables, if you are a person who likes to study alone.  

You can also take a study room for up to four hours and renew it after that if needed. Study rooms are first come, first served and during busy times of the year, like mid-terms and finals, they go fast. 

So ask at the front desk for a room and check out with your student ID to get the keys before anyone else can grab it. 

There are also larger study rooms available for groups. One member of your group can go early to library to get the room keys, in essence reserving it for rest of the team later in the day. 

For planning meetings or other group projects, there are clusters of tables and couches on the lower level, first and second floors. Just remember that the basement and third floor are quiet floors and aren’t conducive to group meet-ups.

The Math and Writing Center is located on the second floor of the Cunningham Memorial Library. This is an appointment only help center for students who need help with math or writing for classes.

Let’s move on to other small libraries and unique study spots on campus that you can find on the Campus Map above or other information guides. 

These places are not as heavily occupied, more casual and provide convenient spots in between classes. 

Check out the Math Center in Bayh College of Education or find your favorite coffee shop among the many on campus. 

You can find coffee almost anywhere: Cunningham Memorial Library, Stalker Hall, University Hall and Starbucks at HMSU and the Barnes and Noble Bookstore.  

If you want to rank them, then do so by the food they offer, the taste of their coffee (Many offer Starbucks coffee,) and the distance you need to travel. 

Beyond that there are study-friendly common areas and atriums all over campus. Some are architecturally beautiful buildings with spectacular atriums that  are not just pleasing to the eye; but also sometimes the quietest places on campus to study. 

These places have less distraction due to inactivity in those buildings during particular times of day. Find spaces in the Science, Technology and Health and Human Services buildings, as well as University, Stalker, Federal and Normal Halls. 

Don’t forget to look up in Normal Hall. It is beautiful!

 Now we can talk about HMSU. This building is full of hidden places where you can study both in groups and alone. A great deal of seating and food is available in the Commons. 

For students who like to munch on something while working on their assignments; this is the right place for you. But you must keep in mind that the noise comes along with the Commons. If you are a person who can deal with buzz around you while you are studying, then the Commons is a good fit. 

HMSU also has a Commuter Lounge for and some resource centers for focused student groups like the LGBTQ Center, Women’s Center, International Students Center, and La Casita Center. 

However, all students are more than welcome in these areas. You can always go there and focus on your assignments or even watch Netflix for a break if needed.

ISU has many places for students to work on their projects. Sometimes you just have to hunt for the right spot. 

It could be beautiful Normal Hall or maybe the busy HSMU’s Commons. Maybe you’ll choose to hang out at the fountain at Dede Plaza or lounge under a tree on the Quad. 

Share your spot with friends or keep it secret, but find a place to call your own and study well.