The first year of college can be a challenging environment, with a lot to learn and understand. There is also a challenge to mingle and live with a total stranger; your new roommate. 

You are assigned with a roommate with whom you will have to adjust and live with for a long period of time. 

Now, let’s be honest, no one is going to get a perfect roommate. But you will adjust with one another. 

My roommate and I had some issues in the beginning, but now I cannot imagine having anybody else but her as my roommate, she is an awesome person and I love her. 

So let’s see what could be the few reasons that your roommate can get in your nerves. 

First and foremost is cleanliness. There can be different expectations and levels of cleanliness that you might encounter. 

For some, being organized and super clean is very important, and for others, being kind of clean is enough.

If you start fighting, try and understand the actual reason behind the fight, and try to have discussions that are more open-minded. 

In many ways this type of discussion will help you. If your roommate is not clean they might not know what being organized means, help her learn and don’t be judgmental. And if you are not clean then try and learn from your roommate. 

You don’t have to change your lifestyle but an effort to change some decisions can help a lot.

Secondly, another most common misunderstanding or issue that could create disturbance between roommates is using each other’s stuff without asking. 

In this case, my roommate is really annoying, even though I have given her complete permission to use some things she would still ask my permission every time, which I appreciate a lot.  

Well this could be a daily routine for your roommate to take your stuff without your permission. Now how do you deal with it without making it awkward? 

Mostly, for every situation and every misunderstanding, the right and easy way is to have an open discussion about how you feel about these things. Maybe your roommate is a person who likes sharing and they wouldn’t feel so strong about these things.

It wouldn’t harm for you to offer your opinions and feelings about sharing personal items. 

Thirdly, bringing in people and not informing your roommate about your plans of inviting people. Well it could be uncomfortable to always have unexpected guests hanging around in your room. 

This will leave you with very little privacy and possibly a lot awkward situations. This situation becomes worse when the “guest” is someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend.

If this bothers you, communication is the best answer. Inform your roommate about how you feel about these visits. In the same way if you are bringing in some guests let your roommate know beforehand, and get each other’s permissions if needed. 

This could prove really helpful, if you can make your friends as theirs too. 

Finally, the most common and bitter issues that could split two people is money. 

This applies between roommates sharing an apartment, cost of groceries, or other various expenses. So be very careful and clear in the money area with your roommate. 

Be clear about money with each other. Don’t let any kind of obligation come in between roommates in regards with money. 

Start splitting everything from the beginning. Every penny you have spent for common purchases make sure you pay equally. 

I would recommend you all to use Splitwise App, which would make this splitting task easier for you. It even reminds you of how you still owe, or how much you have lent. I have personally been using it for a long time. 

To sum it up, every problem has a solution you just have to find it and find it together if possible. Talk it out, because your roommate can be your future best friend. Don’t lose a single chance of finding a true friend.