College is intended to be one of life’s biggest adventures. That is what you were told at least, and it will be for he most part. 

I am not the same individual I once was when I started my first day of college. There will be a lot of changes coming soon, some good, some not so good. 

Over time, you will create awkward, hilarious, and unforgettable memories. You will also realize that it’s a  fact that things change, and you will even start noticing changes in yourself.

At first, it seems frightening to enter the “real” world, but once you get into the swing of things, it will get better. You end up doing everything for yourself, away from family, things like laundry, cooking, cleaning and more.

Even though these tasks may seem simple, they are time-consuming and time is hard to come by with assignments, deadlines and studying. That’s when you learn how to juggle time between your priorities. 

In a way, it prepares you for the uncertain future by teaching you how to balance your professional and private lives. 

Many incoming college students come in search of the ultimate college experience including dorms, Greek life, and college parties. But that isn’t everything that composes college life. 

You will create many memories with these parts of college, some good and some not so. Regardless, you can say that you have done it and have left with more understanding than just what you learned in courses. 

Like many other incoming college students, I was uncertain about what my objective in life was. 

Whether it’s career-wise or who I wanted to become as an individual, I had a lot of issues that only I could answer. 

I’m only halfway through my time here at this university, and I’m a completely distinct individual compared to how I was when I came here, and I’m excited to know more about myself. 

Indiana State is flowing with resources and counselors to assist you to succeed throughout your student years and beyond. 

There are endless possibilities for any study region, from internships to volunteer jobs, your curriculum will boom before you even graduate.

My absolute favorite part about college has been able to meet individuals of all kinds. You will meet people from all over the globe who come from distinct races, ethnicities and cultures, genders, sexualities, religions, and backgrounds. 

It’s such a blessing to hear stories about how somebody got to where they are because we’ve all come from different lifestyles and ended up at the same university somehow, and that’s awesome. 

You live with different individuals too. They may not be your perfect roommate or classmate or even project partner at times. And it can become very hard for you to get along with them, particularly if you’re not used to their habits or way of life. 

With time, you’ll realize that their actions no longer bother you and soon you won’t even give what used to bug you, a second thought.

Responsibility is something that can be learned with or without university attendance, but the beauty of college is that you are making the same mistakes and learning from them with thousands of other young adults. 

Learning by doing has proven to be the most beneficial way to grow up, and while doing so, you won’t be alone. On college campuses, there are football games, movie showings, concerts, guest speakers, workshops and so much more. 

Those activities are going to be some of your greatest college memories and will always be so welcomed during the stresses of classes. 

You’re going to meet some the finest individuals at ISU. You’re going to be around so many unique people with similar interests and personalities, you’re bound to discover your niche. 

Everybody handles change differently. Some of us, with expectation and enthusiasm, completely accept it. 

Some of us are struggling with it and need time to adjust. Being on either side is all right and we can all be a bit of both at times. 

The point is not to attempt to avoid or run away from it but to learn and develop from life all the time. Always strive to change for the better.