Once a Sycamore

A Sycamore can be represented in many ways, some people take pride in being a Sycamore by wearing Indiana State apparel, others show the importance of being a Sycamore by representing ISU on an athletic team.

Sycamore Sam is the Indiana State mascot. ‘Sycamores’ is used as a team name, and many students associate themselves with the term, but being proud to be one and the story that everyone has from being one is what make ISU such a unique, diverse campus.

Senior, Derek Griffin is a proud Sycamore in and out, it’s rare to see him around campus not wearing blue or participating at events at ISU.

To Griffin, being a Sycamore means continuous growth, with opportunities everywhere on campus anyone can grow into a better person and leader he said.

“The opportunities are there, you just have to go out and work hard for them,” Griffin said. “Coming in to Indiana State I didn’t know how to really market myself. Then I found out about the Meis Center in Federal Hall where they held different workshops that taught me how to make myself stand out from my peers. I loved going to each workshop because the speakers were always passionate about the topic they were speaking about.” 

Griffin had been a part of Union Board, the Welcome Team, a Residential Assistant and a campus tour guide and these experiences have helped him grow and shape into the proud Sycamore he is now.

Indiana State offers so many ways to get involved and helps students find a way to have their own story of what being a Sycamore means to them.

It’s more than just students that are proud to be a Sycamore, it’s the entire ISU community including Alumni and Staff.

Amanda Hobson, Interim Dean of Students said, “Being a Sycamore means being dedicated to lifelong learning and being engaged and active citizens of the world. It means giving back and making things better for those around us and those who come after us,”

Being a Sycamore is based on the promise of education and transformational leadership that was key to our founding as a Normal school. That promise continues today in our dedication to service and the legacy of inclusiveness that is at the heart of our institution. I am proud to be a Sycamore because we care about people and are dedicated to learning, service and inclusion.”

Indiana State encourages students to express themselves and be their own person and that’s part of what being a Sycamore is.

“Being a Sycamore just means that there is room for freedom and different ways to find yourself,” said Kaylee Rippeon, ISU sophomore. “There are many ways to get involved and being able to step outside my comfort zones at times. I’m proud to be one because it has made me realize that I can try new things as well as making new friends in the process.” 

Everyone at Indiana State has a different story and different impact on what Indiana State has done for them, every Sycamore is unique.

What will being a Sycamore mean to you?