Welcome to Terre Haute, Indiana. Home of Indiana State University, where many students come to fulfill their dreams. 

There are many aspects, places and communities that one can involve themselves in, in Terre Haute. 

College life teaches you to learn about success and failure, the community around you will teach you how to handle them and grow higher. 

Indiana State University was first established in 1865 and went through many phases and was called the Indiana State Teachers College. 

In 1965, it was named as Indiana State University 

Terre Haute is located along side Wabash River in Vigo County. The name of the city comes from the French which used to colonize here, meaning ‘high land or ground.’ 

For ISU, we are the Sycamores because there was an abundance of said trees on campus. Sycamore trees grow best near water and because of the Wabash River there were many.

The nick name for people born and raised in Indiana is Hoosier. 

There are many theories existing and speculating for the reason behind this name. 

One common theory is that the name comes from a common phrase used when a visitor would come to an Indiana home. The owner would wonder who was there and say “Who’s ‘ere” and the accent made it sound like Hoosier.

Eugene Debs, he was a politician who worked for the betterment of his people, workers and students. He was from Terre Haute, his house still stands on the grounds of ISU as a museum of his belongings and books. 

The community that Terre Haute has surrounded itself with is incredible. Every individual will definitely find something interesting to get themselves involved in. 

There is Swope art Museum near downtown which exhibits some great artists work. 

Then we have Children’s Museum which is also located in down town. Another fun filled and worth exploring place for children and parents. It is an educational space where the exhibits teach about science, physics, animals etc. in a fun way. You can always enroll yourself as volunteers to help teach and learn at the same time. 

Then we have Vigo County Public Library, filled with interesting books and activities to be part of. The library is not just a place to stay quiet and read books but the library have opened the gates for parents to bring their children to play some games and enjoy some movie nights. Yes, you have read this right, they organize some movie nights as well which are sometimes free.

Now that we have learned about some communities that help us grow and pass time in Terre Haute, now let’s dive into the information about surroundings of Terre Haute. 

For example, Illinois is pretty close to Terre Haute and there are lots of parks and places to go nearby. 

We also have Indianapolis close by. Animal lovers you should plan a trip to this zoo, check their website out. They list out new visiting members, like sloth and snake are going to be the new visitors soon. They have baby giraffes, butterfly kaleidoscope and some fascinating learning opportunities. 

We have many parks all around Terre Haute. Deming Park, Fairbanks, Hawthorn, Collett, Maple Avenue Nature Park and many more. Collett Park during winter looks like it has covered itself with a white blanket and during the starting of fall looks like white flower bed. 

Then we also have national historic landmark very close to Terre Haute, French Lick Resorts and hotels. The most beautiful architecture, fascinating sights, incredible people and more. 

Saint Mary Woods church and college are both located in West Terre Haute. I loved the interiors and the art inside, the way they have designed the whole architecture and buildings. The story behind this place is also worth learning. 

If you want to know, there are an infinite number of things to do and places to visit in Terre Haute. 

Terre Haute can give you plenty of opportunities to engage yourself in fun stuff as well as in learning experiences which are again fun in itself. I would recommend new incoming students to make the full out of Terre Haute during their college life. 

Yes, it is important that you should be active in your university, but it is equally important to learn about the community you are in and learn about your surroundings. Involve yourself in some volunteering works which Terre Haute has to offer you, make friends and family in ISU. 

Make your visit worthwhile. Enjoy your stay!