Inspiration for ISU dorm decorating. 

A new room is a new opportunity, having a room with nothing in it offers endless decorating ideas.

Your room should be your way, personalize your half of the room with things that you like.

Moving away from home can be hard sometimes so hanging different pictures around your room can help remind you of the people you care about.

Printing pictures can be done quick and easy through a Walgreens or CVS app, you can just select the pictures on your phone, submit them, then they are typically read for pick up within the same day.

Another way to decorate a room on a budget is to visit stores like Five Below or the Dollar Store.

There are so many Do it yourself videos that show how to make cool crafts from simple things from the dollar store.

Five below has light up signs, printed rugs, fluffy pillows, storage bins, dry erase board and more. 

Hanging up lights around a room is a nice way to relax at night without having a big over head light on.

String lights can be bought at almost any store and are relatively cheap.

For hanging things up in your room, Command strips/ hooks are very help. They can be saved and be reusable doe multiple uses.

To cover up a mark on a wall or a big amount of space tapestry’s come in many different backgrounds and patters. has a big variety of tapestry.

Talking to your roommate and finding out their likes and interests can help a lot when going to decorate. 

Having your roommate involved in decorating can make things cheaper by splitting the price of things you both want to decorate the room. 

Getting your roommates help can also provide more things to match if you guys wanted a certain color scheme in the room or something.

Take advantage of a new space and use it as a fresh start to create an environment you enjoy living in.