Indiana State wants every person that visits to have an enjoyable time on campus while ensuring safety.

ISU’s Police Station is open 24 hours a day and are always working hard to keep everyone on campus safe.

Jacquelyn Smith, Indiana States Public Safety’s Police Sergeant says “If you see something, than say something.”

Smith suggests incoming freshman to always remember to lock doors and valuables.

Before coming to campus if possible Smith recommends taking photographs of your items, along with the make, model and serial number if available.

Keeping a record of all your valuables will assist Public Safety if something were to become missing.

If something does become missing items can be entered into the State of Indiana Police Data Base as stolen item but must it have the important information.

Keeping a safe box in your room for smaller valuables and important documents is strongly encouraged by Public Safety to put things that you don’t want other people to be able to access.

Students who bring a bike or vehicle to campus are required to register it through the public safety office. 

You must have an ISU parking permit to park on campus.

Always remember to lock your vehicle and don’t make valuables viewable.

For bikes make sure they are locked with U-Lock, other cables are easy to cut.

Indiana States Public Safety is located at 210 N. 6th St. between Erickson and Pickerl Halls. 

25 Full-time police officers attend the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in Plainfield Indiana with other law enforcement. They exercise full police authority and enforce federal and state laws.

If an emergency occurs on campus ISU has the Blue Light Phones spread out across campus, they are designed for convivence to contact 911 for emergencies or ISU police for non-emergency assistance. 

In case something on campus were to happen students should register for RAVE alerts to get text notifications through ISU’s website.

Indiana States Public Safety is here for you to help with things as minor as security escorts and battery jumps to any emergency you may occur.