Welcome to Terre Haute and its scintillating nature, “The forest”. This article will not be just about the forest but in general about nature, trees, and moreover the necessity of them for humans. These thoughts of nature and the respect towards them will only raise when you are truly connected to them. 

I was walking in the woods when all these thoughts passed my mind. I believe our lifestyle should be close to ‘the forest way’. The way the forest shares its resources with us and helps us live the life we do now. The forest way is followed and believed by Marudam Farm school in India.

We should stop and look around us for amount of trees we see and the amount of trees we might see in near future. The beautiful forests that surrounds Terre Haute is incredible and is beautiful. The parks distributed around Terre Haute have protected some parts of forest. These greenery presents us with some beautiful creatures of nature, I was able to spot many deer while on road, or sometimes outside Terre Haute. 

Lets go back to, what it means to live the forest way. Well I would recommend you all to disconnect yourselves with the networks, wifi, or carriers for a while, at least when you go out for a walk. Look around you, try to take in the power of nature, understand the messages it is trying to pass on. Moreover, please stop ruining it or destroying it. Do you remember when you were child, did you see many birds flying above your houses or schools. Do you see any of them now? This question should haunt you. You should start thinking in those grounds, were you the reason for the disappearance of many creature on this earth. 

Well I won’t go into the topic where I blame all the humans. But lets talk more about the forest. The forest that surrounds Terre Haute has a lot to offer to us. The fresh air that we breathe comes from the protected forest around us. The trees just don’t stand there, doing nothing, they produce the oxygen that we need. The trees provide shelter to many species such as birds. Have you ever walked around the woods without your headphones on. Well try it, you will get to hear the most delightful music ever. The number of birds that take forest as their house fly around making all kinds of noises. There are many schools that take students into forest for bird watching. Stop trying to learn the names of birds from books, go out there and try to spot them and learn their names. True way of learning is through experiencing. 

The forest has helped us keep global warming on check. If you have ever observed places near the forest are always colder compared to places near the traffic or pollution. Have you ever thought about it as why? Well the polluted gas produces heat and ruins the air around us but forests cleans the air all the time. As a whole the forest is trying to protect earth and us. 

There are many places and people around the world who have dedicated their lives for building forests. Felix Finkbeiner, he has been and planting trees for more than 10 years. He believes that people who are supposed to be smarter are acting like fools by destroying trees. So he joined hands with some organizations and United Nations to plant more than trillion trees for each human being. Then there is Jadav Payeng from India who is protecting his land from soil erosion by planting trees and building a forest which is now filled with all kinds of animals. Because of Jadav a whole town is protected and is living happily now with no fear of losing their land. There are many other people who are working towards expanding the forest for many good reason. 

We don’t have to increase the forest area, or water them, I guess respecting and recognizing the presence of it is more than enough. We must care for the land we live in. Now as Terre Haute is your home respect its surrounding, protect the trees, enjoy the presence of fresh, cut yourself out from the gadget love or addiction and live in the moment. Take your friends out for a walk in the woods. The knowledge of the environment is the most important education you can ever acquire. So grab this opportunity of freedom along with the nature and “The Forest” that is around you.