Hannah’s March Madness Prediction

By Hannah Sullivan

March Madness is one of the craziest times of year, especially for people betting serious money on their brackets. I will not be betting any money, but I do have my predictions. 

My No. 1 team to win the championship is Baylor. I have always been a Baylor basketball fan and will be cheering for to win the BIG 12 tournament and then again in March Madness next week. As much as I would like to root for a Missouri Valley team, I would like to see Baylor on top.

Bradley was cheated out of a spot in the tournament last year after they won the MVC tournament but did not make the cut for March Madness, as Loyola was chosen instead. This year, I will definitely be watching Bradley’s first game as they are fighting for redemption against the NCAA. 

Other teams on my radar are Dayton, who would be a bigtime upset, Florida State and Kentucky. I believe all three of these teams have had some really great defensive wins and have good leadership on and off the bench. Dayton has had a surprisingly great year overall and I am looking forward to watching Obi Toppin lead the Flyers in March Madness this year. 

The Baylor Bears are 26-4 overall this season and are 15-3 in conference. The Associate Press Poll has the Bears at No. 5 coming into the madness. Even though they are not a top-three team, I will still be rooting for them. 

The Bears will begin the BIG 12 championship tournament tonight at 6 p.m. 

Jay’s March Madness Prediction

By Jay Patel

The madness is about to begin, and this year is going to crazy. There’s no clear-cut favorite to win it all, and anything is possible during March Madness. 

The Virginia Cavaliers, last year’s NCAA champions, are currently ranked No. 17. The Duke Blue Devils, favorites to win the title most years, have already lost six games. Usual favorites such as Villanova (No. 11) and Kentucky (No. 8) have struggled this season. That’s why this could be the year a smaller school ends up on top. 

I would love to see a team that doesn’t usually make it win it all. One team I have on my radar are the Dayton Flyers. Dayton is a smaller city in Ohio, but are making big-time noise this season. They’re undefeated at home, riding a 20-game win streak. Additionally, they have fewer losses than No. 1 ranked Kansas. 

Other teams I’m cheering for include the Creighton Bluejays and San Diego State Aztecs. Creighton has defeated six ranked teams this year, including Villanova. San Diego State was the last team to be undefeated, and it’s a great story for a team that practically came out of nowhere. 

Now, when it comes to crowning a champion, I have several possibilities. The Kansas Jayhawks and Gonzaga Bulldogs are two obvious choices. But, I’m going to pick an outside the box choice with how wild this season has been. And with that being said, I’ve got the Dayton Flyers winning it all. 

Amere’s March Madness Prediction

By Amere Dozier 

We know March Madness is always one of the best times of the year in sports, and it is probably the most unpredictable sporting event there is. Kansas is definitely going to be the team that makes it out of the Midwest in the first round. It will probably be between Louisville and Kansas. On the New York City end of the bracket, there are a few teams that stand out to me: UCLA, Virginia, Duke, Dayton and Texas Tech. 

I see Duke running away with the New York City end of the bracket. If Duke does not dominate, then I expect Dayton to pull the upset. With a player like Obi Toppin in the paint, they should not have a problem getting a win on their part. On the Los Angeles side of the bracket I see Stephen F. Austin, Gonzaga or Marquette as the winners. 

You may wonder why I pick these three teams over teams like Michigan State, Oregon and Arizona State. This is March basketball we are talking about, anything can happen. I have Gonzaga taking it away for the Los Angeles end of the bracket.

On the Houston end of the bracket I simply see Ohio State or Wisconsin taking it away. Big ten basketball has been the best basketball played all year in my opinion. If I had to pick out of the two I would have to give it to Ohio State. But overall, I have Gonzaga taking home the championship this year on my bracket.

David’s March Madness Prediction

By David Cruz

It’s the best time of the year for sports fans as the NCAA March Madness tournament is right around the corner. This year is going to be an exciting one as many unknown teams are atop of the Associated Press Poll featuring schools like Dayton, Florida State and Baylor. However, when it comes to the madness we see in March, we’ll never know if these will even reach round 32. I would not be surprised if we don’t see any of these teams in the Final Four. There are a lot of teams that have lower seeds that can still make some noise such as the reigning champion, Virginia, and some other schools like Michigan, Xavier and Ohio State who I suspect will cause big upsets in their brackets. 

As for my selection of who will win, my prediction is Kansas. When it comes to March Madness, team play is the most crucial factor to win a championship. Kansas Jayhawks head coach Bill Self has done a great job capturing the top seed in college basketball with a 28-3 overall record. Sophomore guard Devon Dotson is the leading scorer as he is averaging 18.1 points, 4.1 rebounds and four assists per game and is projected to be a 1st-round pick in the upcoming NBA draft. I am excited to see what kind of outcomes will all see and if my prediction is correct. 

To be honest, since ISU is not in the tournament the only thing that I will be watching for is the elimination of Missouri Valley Conference rival, Bradley University, while cheering for my number one pick, Kansas.

NCAA Tournament Predictions 

By Landon Kleindorfer

Undefeated in the underrated Atlantic 10 conference, the Dayton Flyers have blown away all expectations finishing with a 29-2 record in the regular season. Despite being underdogs to some, the Flyers are the best team coming into the NCAA tournament and will have a great opportunity at grabbing the 2020 NCAA Championship.

College basketball fans watched as former Dayton head coach Archie Miller took the Flyers to four consecutive tournament appearances from 2014-2017. When Miller moved on from the university, it looked like the Flyers were back to square one. But new coach Anthony Grant has put together another dominant Dayton team led by one of the best players in the country.

Saying that forward Obi Toppin is an elite player is an understatement considering he is in the running for the John Wooden Award for the best player in the country. Toppin is currently scoring 20 points per game while also grabbing 7.5 rebounds. Toppin also gets it done defensively with 30 steals and 38 blocks this season. 

Toppin, along with junior guard Jalen Crutcher, has been a nightmare duo for teams like Rhode Island and Richmond who will both be making appearances in this year's NCAA tournament. 

One of the only two losses for Dayton came in November to the now No. 1 Kansas Jayhawks, 90-84. Dayton came up short but the ranking committee for the NCAA still has them placed at the third spot in the league meaning that they will, barring any unexpected losses, be placed as a No. 1 seed in the tournament. 

Dayton is on a historic run this year and the NCAA better keep the Flyers on its radar come tournament time.