Following their previous shortcomings against Green Bay, the ISU Volleyball team will be getting ready to match up against Michigan State, Miami (Ohio), and Cincinnati in the Spartan Invitational. These games are set for Friday Afternoon at Michigan State. The Trees are coming into this contest 0-3 on the season with their last game being the closest they’ve gotten to a win this season. The season is still young so there will be more opportunities for the Sycamores to prove themselves.

Cassie Kawa was placed on the Green Bay Invitational All-Tournament team. In the last game on Sunday against Green Bay, they had a total of 50 kills. Madeline Williams had 17 of the 50 for herself. However, Green Bay’s impressive 63 kills outshined them. 

The Sycamore’s also tallied up 29 errors in opposition to GB’s 26. Judging off these stats there are some obvious changes that need to be made in ISU’s mistake column. However, if they can minimize their mistakes while also being able to maintain their offensive potency, not many other teams will be able to hold them back from becoming a topic contender in the MVC. There hasn’t been a contest between ISU and MSU since Aug. 7, 1993. The last match resulted in a 3-1 loss in favor of Michigan State. It’s been 26 years since that last contest and overall the lady Sycamores have held the series to 2-2-1. Friday is going to be a special match to see who can gain the edge. 

Defensively, red-shirt senior Cassie Kawa had three blocks in the last contest, which is a good sign of production from an individual player. However, this needs to translate into the same effort in the other teammates. Moreover, ISU’s top four players, including Cassie Kawa, Rhiannon Morozoff, Gretchen Kuckkan and Madeline Williams accounted for 44-50 of the points that ISU scored in their last game. This puts a very large emphasis on accountability for how the rest of the team may perform. 

If everyone on the team reciprocates the same effort as those four previously mentioned women do, they could have a real effect on their conference. It just takes leadership, motivation and effort for this team to be able to achieve their goal come playoff time. Therefore, be expecting the Sycamores to really apply pressure this Friday when they go into Spartan territory to battle it out at high noon.