A new era is set to take place in Indiana State University athletics as they will introduce a new university athletics logo on Mar. 3. The event is open to the public as it will take place 11 a.m. in the Heritage Ballroom in Tirey Hall. 

During the ceremony, ISU President Deborah J. Curtis and Director of Athletics Sherard Clinkscales will initiate a presentation leading up to the unveiling of the new logo. Following the event, they will also answer all questions by the media in a news conference. 

Clinkscales is entering his fourth year as the Director of Athletics at ISU after coming from North Carolina State, and has brought numerous successful changes. In his first year, he developed the department’s first-ever strategic plan. Additionally, he assisted in reworking the Athletics Mission Statement, its first renovation in over 20 years. 

Another major accomplishment during Clinkscales tenure was the introduction of Elevate, a campaign for Sycamore Athletics. This was the first-ever athletics only fundraising campaign in ISU history, and raised over $865,000 in two years. With the funds, both the Sports Performance Center and Nutrition Station were renovated. Furthermore, the Sycamores football coaches’ offices and player’s lounge were redesigned. 

Clinkscales has also achieved many individual honors. In the spring of 2019, he was named to the prestigious NCAA Division I Nominating Committee. This committee facilitates the process to appoint representatives to all Division I Council Committees. 

The current ISU logo is the state of Indiana with Sycamores spelled over it in blue font. There is also a star to indicate the location of Terre Haute. 

Baseball is the only sport at ISU that has a different logo. The baseball logo is a blue “I” with a blue “S” wrapped around it. 

The last time the Sycamores modified their logo came in 2017 when ISU Athletics entered an apparel deal with Under Armour that also upgraded ISU uniforms. Additionally, during this partnership, ISU adopted the “March On” slogan.