The ISU women’s softball team is gearing up to go against the Valparaiso Crusaders for the first time this season. The Sycamores come into the contest with a record of 14-27 while the Crusaders are currently 12-22. Both teams are in a real slump this season with a plus three losing streak going into the match. 

Therefore, this is an opportunity for the Sycamores to try to finish off the season strong in this series over the weekend. Considering this is a conference game for both teams, it will be a close match with both teams playing to their fullest potential. 

In ISU’s last matchup against Southern Illinois they were outscored 20-5. This shows clear signs of their struggles at batting. They will need to overcome this problem before the Missouri Valley Tournament starts. 

In their last contest on Sunday, Shaye Barton and Brooke Mann both gathered two stellar hits and two runs to set the tone for the game. 

Southern Illinois came back with two back-to-back impressive innings to shut down the moral of the Trees. ISU had a combined 11 hits from everyone, which is the best they hit since their last win against Evansville on April 10. Now, one cannot go without saying that it’s not like ISU is not putting in the effort. 

For instance in the teams last game against the Sulkis, the Sycamores were in the making for a comeback until Southern Illinois had a great six-run inning which ultimately put the game out of reach. Likewise, within the same game the Sycamore’s being down 10-2 still made a valiant effort in the end of the game bring the defecate close. 

But as the old saying goes,” close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades” and this game ended before the Sycamores were able to really amount the comeback they so desperately fought for. 

This next game against the Crusaders is going to be a real statement game for both teams, before the season comes to an end and everyone always hopes to end on a good note. Rough season or not both teams will be playing their hearts out for the remainder of the season and this game will either be a major defensive battle or an exciting shootout. 

Fans form both sides will come out and support these teams as they get ready to go to war, starting on Friday, April 19 at 3 p.m.