The Indiana State Sycamores clashed with the Kansas City Kangaroos. By halftime, the trees had to settle for a draw. However, a fruitful penalty kick scored by the Kangaroos put them ahead of the Sycamores 1-0 in the open season duel.  

Kansas City starts their 2019-2020 campaign with a 1-0 record against the now 0-1 Indiana State Sycamores.

The Sycamores terminated 11 attempts in the contest

Hannah Sullivan halted three saved goals for the Sycamores.

During the nine-minute mark of the season openerChloee Kooker got off the first attempt before Jensen Margheim posted the first attempt at the goal for the Sycamores during 13-minute mark. It was stopped by the Kangaroos to keep the score even at 0-0. Celeste Wahlberg added her first attempt in the season opener’s 31-minute mark which went over the top and left of the frame. 

Unfortunately for the Sycamores, Kansas City had a good look with 20 seconds remaining, the ball bounced over the frame and the Sycamore goalkeeper produced a last second corner kick opportunity, which failed at the sound of the horn. Each team logged three attempts during the opening 45 minutes, while the Sycamores owned the only shot on goal.

Forty-eight minutes in the contest, the Sycamores were penalized in the box which resulted in a penalty kick opportunity for Rylan Childers of Kansas City. Childers pushed the Kangaroo’s to a 1-0 advantage early in the second half.

Wahlberg had an off a corner kick opportunity in the 64-minute mark, Kooker tried a header right in the front of the goal which went high and left of the framework, as the Kangaroo’s continued to lead 1-0.

Throughout the contest, Kansas City did their best to score as they shot two more shots than the Sycamores. However, the trees had the advantage when it came to shots on goal as they had one more shot compared to the Kangaroos. ISU did a good job defending their attempt at trying to add on their lead. However, the trees could not find any answer on offense. 

As the game continued on, the Sycamores tried to their best to comeback and tie the game. Danielle Varner had a shot in the 90-minute mark that grazed over the goal which had the potential to tie the contest late.