The Sycamore football team had a tough outing Saturday as they got dominated by South Dakota 38-0. This was the opener for both teams in terms of conference play. 

South Dakota gave their fans a great performance on both sides of the ball in front of their homecoming crowd. They finished up with a total of 522 yards while the Sycamores were held to just 274 yards. The biggest concern about this loss is that the Sycamores have been dominant in their run game all year, until Saturday. South Dakota had a whopping 312 rushing yards while the trees only had 40 yards on the ground. The Sycamores also held the ball nine minutes less than SDU.

Redshirt sophomore Gunnar See had his first career start, which resulted in him throwing 23-38 for 239 passing yards. Titus McCoy struggled with just 23 yards on 13 carries. On the opposite spectrum, senior quarterback Austin Simmons had a day for himself with three rushing touchdowns and one receiving touchdown. Simmons ended the game going 15-25 for 210 and 138 yards rushing. 

The Sycamores running production hurt them in this game as they relied on new starting quarterback Gunnar See to make passes and score for the Trees. Unfortunately, with their quarterback having his first start, it put a lot pressure on him throwing constantly. Titus McCoy, Chris Childers and Nick Sims could not find openings and help See have good field position as they all averaged under 2.0 yards per carry. However, See took advantage of his first start, as he completed 23-of-28 passes. He did have a costly interception in the second quarter and was shut out the entire game. 

The game reflects itself throughout the entire stat sheet. For instance, the Sycamores were only 1-5 on third down conversions while South Dakota was 4-8 in the first half alone. This highlights time of pocession and success rate of their plays. “I’m not going to avoid the fact that we got to improve things, we got to finish drives.” said Indiana State offensive coordinator Michael Switzer. They got off to a rocky start going 0-2 at the beginning of the season, then had a two-game winning streak, and now they are back to square one. 

Moreover, it is going to be up to the coaches to shed some light on what needs to be changed for the team to start heading back in the right direction. Indiana State Head Coach Curt Mallory and his team have already faced plenty of adversity from the start of the season. They look to respond once again next week as they prepare for homecoming.