It was a disappointing weekend for the Sycamores, coming off a 24-17 loss to Kansas University. As you can tell by the score, the boys put up a great fight against the Jayhawks but to no avail. The heroic effort by the Trees is commendable because they came back down 13 against a major college football team. However, the Jayhawks put together a game-winning drive late in the fourth quarter to put them over the top. This cannot be looked at as a complete negative because the Red-shirt senior quarterback Ryan Boyle had a great night throwing 22-for-34 with 219 yards. Dante Hendrix and Boyle had a connection going all night with eight catches for 57 yards while Dante Jones II had 79 yards to his name Saturday afternoon. We can’t forget the efforts of Titus McCoy trucking for 88 yards in 14 rushes before he got injured midway through the third quarter. 

On the defensive end Clayton Glasco was blowing up the backfield with three TFL (tackles for loss) and six tackles in total. Kaleb Brewer also was in the backfield more often than not with three TFL and a clutch sack late in the fourth to set up good field position for the offense. That field position is what helped the offense score the next drive to tie up the game late. Following the score, the Jayhawks put together a 75-yard drive resulting in a touchdown with 2:20 left on the clock to pretty much seal the game.

 Clearly being that Kansas is a BCS contender; the fact that ISU pushed them to the brink the first game of the season shows definite promise in all the games following for the Sycamores. Some things on the defensive end need to be cleaned up to control the scoring of at least slowing down the opposing offenses. That does not take anything away from the players who balled out on the defensive end, but as the old saying goes,” offense wins games, defense wins championships. 

Once the offense and defense are on the same page in terms of keeping pressure applied on both sides of the ball, they will be a feared team in the MVC. But as previously said this does not take away anything from ISU because they were big underdogs going into this game and they showed real grit and perseverance in the face of adversity. Therefore, as a Sycamore fan, look forward to this season because it will definitely be a special one for the Trees. The next opponent for ISU will be playing Dayton in a non-conference ballot. It’s going to be a shootout for sure but hopefully the Sycamore defense will be able to contain Dayton’s potent offense.