The renovations at the Hulman Center are expected to be completed this month. 

“Parts of the building have reached the end of their lifetime,” said Executive Director of Capital Planning and Construction Bryan Duncan. “Facilities such as plumbing, electrical, and the exterior skin were having problems.”

Built in 1973 by Hannig Construction of Terre Haute, the Hulman Center has seen minor renovations since its construction.

“Renovations in the past were mainly focused on smaller areas of the Hulman Center,” Duncan said. “New finishes were put into the meeting areas, locker rooms, and we replaced small parts of the mechanical equipment.”

In addition to improving electrical and plumbing facilities, new features will be added along with easier access to the building.

“A new elevator and an additional 650 square feet will be added to the entrances to improve the flow of foot traffic,” Duncan said. “Before this renovation, no natural light filtered into the Hulman Center. This major renovation will change that and allow more natural light into the building, allow people to see the events happening at the Hulman Center, and create excitement.”

While many features of the Hulman Center will be changed, many features will be kept.

“The main areas, such as the meeting spaces, will be kept,” Duncan said. “The overall multipurpose function of the building will also be kept.”

The renovation process began in 2018 with a few extra years designated for design and planning.

“The creation of a new design by Ratio Architects of Indianapolis took over a year,” Duncan said. “With a renovation of this proportion, it took the university a couple of years to plan ahead and get the project ready.”

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, completion of the Hulman Center renovation is on time.

“The contractors did have to quarantine a few workers to ensure the safety of the rest of the construction team,” Duncan said. “COVID-19 has had a minor impact on the construction and it is expected to be completed on time in October.”