2023 sees the 5th iteration of Give to Blue Day for Indiana State University. Give to Blue is a 24-hour fundraiser for the university where students, faculty, and supporters alike to show their sycamore pride and dedication. The fundraiser started at 12:01am on Wednesday, March 22, and ended…

The 2022 NFL Season was one filled with hopes and dreams for many Colts fans, but it eventually culminated in a disappointing 4-12-1 end to the regular season. The Colts, simply, were the laughingstock of the NFL last year. They fired head coach Frank Reich in a somewhat shocking move and fo…

Indiana State softball got their second Power Five victory of the season, splitting a doubleheader against Purdue at Bittinger Stadium on Tuesday.

Sci-Fi as a genre is pretty broad, ranging from space operas to hard science fiction. However, one of the very best sci-fi series out there blends it all together featuring some of the most immersive worldbuilding, iconic characters, and ultimately is the peak of the hero’s journey story trope.

These past few years, the video game industry has suffered greatly from the effects of the Covid-19 lockdowns, but I’m incredibly excited to see one specific genre prospering again.

Alden Cavanaugh is an Associate Professor of Art History in the Department of Art and Design. She has also served as Department Chairperson two separate times, for eight years in total. Professor Cavanaugh grew up in Salisbury, Maryland on the Eastern Shore.

Indiana State University’s Multicultural Services and Programs along with Student Government Association will be hosting Ball: Battle of the Houses. This event will take place on March 23 in Dedes 2 and 3 at 7:00 p.m.