As a Democrat, it is probably time to take a good look at a few things. The possibility that the Democrats will lose both chambers of Congress is fairly high. Especially if voting were held next week.

Biden is struggling with his approval numbers, even though the events happening are things he cannot really control. Consumer demand is at an all-time high, reaching higher than pre-pandemic levels. That is a sign that our economy has strength behind it.

Gas prices are high everywhere in the world. During the last year, with demand super low, many rigs and oil fields stopped running so those companies would not eat the cost. Now that they are restarting, they cannot keep up with the demand.

We see the Progressive Caucus playing purity games by withholding the bipartisan infrastructure bill while pushing for large tax increases to pay for a $3.5 trillion reconciliation.

Though it is fair to ask those who make a higher salary to pay a higher share in taxes, making an exclusive billionaire tax is just silly and petty.

Most of us want to have that type of money, so stop demonizing those folks who do have it. Just ask that they pay their fair share.

The environment will already be swung against Democrats as it is an off-election year with them holding the Executive. Redistricting, although not as rough as 2010, will still lead to some Dems being drawn out.

Even though Democrats have done an excellent job recruiting reliable and moderate Senate candidates, the environment they face will likely be one that is too much to overcome.

Have I set the scene well enough?

What I am getting at here is the need to start now with mobilizing voters and engaging in communities. Do not wait until next fall to get amped up. Talk to neighbors and friends and make sure they are registered to vote.

The stakes are high. We see that Republicans have gone off the deep end considerably since Donald Trump failed to incite a successful coup.

Now he is working his way to do one without an army of MAGA hats, but an army of loyalists installed into offices around the country.

State legislatures stripping the powers of certification away from an independent body to their chambers. States like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan luckily have Democrats as governors to veto those attempts. What about Georgia and Arizona? They very well could get away with it.

That sets the stage for the sending of electors to the House of Representatives. On January 6, 147 Republicans objected to certifying the election results in Pennsylvania and/or Arizona during what was regarded as the safest election we have ever had.

The only saving grace was that Democrats held the House, meaning that at least once chamber would vote to object.

If Republicans own both chambers in 2024, and Biden runs for re-election and wins, the stage will be set to deny him that win anyway. I’m not so sure our country could handle such a disregard for Democracy.

Democracy is not the only thing that is under attack though. Your healthcare, your social security, your education are all things on Republicans eyes to alter significantly. Not for the better either.

If you are part of the LGBTQ community and love the rights you have, we have Republicans actively trying to dismantle your right to marry. A woman’s right to make decisions for her own body. Yeah, they are coming for that too.

This brand of conservativism brought on by Trump and his followers is not truly conservative, it is authoritarian. While they are saying Joe Biden’s America is Orwellian and comparable to “Fahrenheit 451,” the Qanon Caucus is actively eyeing changes that do make those comparisons.

The 2022 Midterms are the second step to holding back the onslaught that could bring an end to this great nation. The first was ridding Donald Trump out of office. As Former President Obama was saying this weekend, “We do not have time to be tired.”

There are Republicans who disagree with their party’s direction. To them I say, join with Democrats to save Democracy. We can disagree on policy, but if there is one thing that both parties can agree on it is Democracy.

There is a growing subsect of the Republican party that no longer respects that and makes it known that they will reject it. We cannot let them win.