On Monday, October 24 around 10 p.m., Indiana State University students received a RAVE Alert stating that the Indiana State University Police Department is currently investigating three sexual assaults by the same known suspect. In accordance with Indiana State University policy, the Equal Opportunity and Title IX Office promptly conducted a risk and safety assessment following the reports. 

This assessment lead to the issuing of an Emergency Separation order, which temporarily removes and excludes a student from the Indiana State University campus and community while an investigation is ongoing. For many students, the news of these reports raised concerns and reinforced fears that many students have on college campuses. 

            Since this investigation is still considered open and ongoing, details cannot be disclosed and there is little to discuss. Despite this fact, Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police Michele Barrett provided tips and advice for Indiana State University students to stay safe while on and off campus. Some of the best ways to stay safe while on campus include taking advantage of the 33 various 911 Blue Light Poles that can be located throughout campus. By pushing the “Push for Help” button, these Blue Light Phone Systems provide a direct link to the Public Safety Department and to 911 services. The “Info” button can also be used in non-emergency situations, such as escort requests and reporting minor incidents. 

Indiana State University also offers the free RAVE Guardian App, which can be downloaded to any smartphone. The RAVE Guardian App allows you to make your status and location available to trusted individuals or individuals that you set as your Guardian. Students also have the ability to reach police in the event of an emergency and send texts or photographs to report suspicious activity. 

            The Indiana State University Police Department recommends that students walk in groups while going places at night and always have a sober friend or monitor when going out. It is important to develop trusted friendships and relationships prior to attending parties to have a sense of security. Additionally, you should never leave your drink unattended. More information and safety tips can be found on the Indiana State University Police Department’s website: https://www2.indstate.edu/pubsafety/.