Rate My Professor has become a widely utilized forum for students at the college level. Students can use it to rate their current or past professors based on a variety of areas and other students can see it as well. 

“I use rate my professor literally every single semester! I use it because some classes have tons of different teachers and I want to take the class with the best teacher for me. I like it a lot!” says junior math education major, Sarah Eubank. 

Other students also agree with its value to students during registration. “I do like it, it’s pretty accurate and reliable but I do believe sometimes people may give a bad review if they bomb the class and it’s 100% their fault,” says junior sports management major, Sam Bishop. 

Junior and applied medicine major, Carla Mones-Gaspar, uses Rate My Professor for other reasons. “I wanted to thank some of my professors for doing such a good job with teaching and being helpful,” said Mones-Gaspar. 

Every semester during registration, some students may use this as a resource to figure out which professor may best suit them for their upcoming classes. 

“I check rate my professor when I’m making my schedule every semester and it does become a factor if ALL the reviews are bad but sometimes you can’t work around it so I have to take their class unfortunately,” says Bishop, “I use it so I [get] an idea on how the professor grades things and respects people.”

However, some students may rely on other means to make sure they have an accurate image of what professors they’ll get for the next semester. “I usually ask friends who may have already had them as a professor,” says Mones-Gaspar. 

Overall, students can use this as their main resource for choosing classes, looking for a professor to best suit their unique learning style, or to show appreciation for a past professor.

“I look during registration. And the rates don't ever make me change class subjects. They only help me with the professor. If it's bad rates I'm not going to take an entirely new class, [and] just take it with a different professor,” says Eubank.