Election spells disaster for Democrats

Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin takes the stage at an election-night rally at the Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles on Nov. 2, 2021 in Chantilly, Virginia. Virginians went to the polls Tuesday to vote in the gubernatorial race that pitted Youngkin against Democratic gubernatorial candidate, former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images/TNS)

If you have been reading my columns, you would see that I have been reading the writing on the wall for the Dems for months now. It was even worse than I expected though.

Virginia went from a state where there were no statewide Republicans in elected office to having won the governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general’s race in one night. It is also almost certain that Republicans will flip the Virginia House of Delegates.

Just 12 months ago, President Biden won here by ten points.

New Jersey looks to be a win for Democrats, but in a state that voted over ten points for Biden, it should not have been as close as it was.

Democrats have multiple issues to face following these elections, and there are some hard pills to swallow.

Minneapolis voted to keep their police department despite the push from the activists in the city to change it to a public service department.

Buffalo, New York had a mayor’s race where socialist India Walton lost to Byron Brown despite being literally the only candidate on a ballot. She lost to a write-in candidate.

Pennsylvania elections resulted in Republicans sweeping the elections on the court. In the beginning things looked to be good for Democrats, but in the end, it ended up the same result that the rest of the country produced.

Youngkin was able to win Virginia because of insane margins in the southwestern part of the state. The Appalachian portion of Virginia used to be a bastion of Democratic votes, that has now turned into a sea of red.

Terry McAuliffe was able to retain a lot of Biden’s support, but it was not enough to overcome.

Democrats must realize that they are out of touch. White working-class voters have swung heavily against them and that is now beginning to threaten their ability to win almost everywhere.

The woke antics and hiring of activists who know next to nothing about policy are costing Democrats more than it is worth to keep them around.

Education is something that Democrats have traditionally been able to run on and win on. In Virginia, Youngkin flipped that around. When you tell parents that they should not have a say in their child’s education, you might expect that result.

When you run against a man that is not even in office anymore, you might fail at winning over voters. Mr. McAuliffe barely campaigned on Virginia, instead making Youngkin into another Donald Trump. This time, voters were not buying it.

That is the thing about Donald Trump though. He is the polarizing figure that brings out Democrats and Republicans to vote.

When he isn’t there, you actually have to run a campaign on issues instead of sentiment. Terry failed to do so, and everyone felt it down ballot.

It is not too late to change course. I am sure that President Biden’s advisors are looking at last night’s results and are making some phone calls.

Playing footsie with the progressive left has placed his agenda in jeopardy, and now is starting to spell out a complete overhaul in the House and Senate in 2022.

There are some bright spots to mention.

Shontel Brown won her race in Ohio, giving New Dems another member to their Caucus, which is considerable considering Nina Turner would have been there otherwise, and that is a disaster.

Eric Adams enshrined himself as a future star in Dem politics. Brash, unapologetic, and to the right of the national party. Yet, still won the primary and general election in New York City.

Things are not beyond repair, but it is going to take an extraordinary overhaul of how we are currently doing things.

Pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill and trim down the reconciliation bill to cover what really needs to be done. Fight back against the claims that all Democrats are socialists.

For far too long, the Democratic Party has ignored the people who used to overwhelmingly vote for them.

The fact is that Democrats need non-college educated white voters to win, and we keep hiring people with college degrees who are out of step with those people.

To get them back, they need to hire people who are either in their circle or hire people who know how they think.

I am not alone in my observations. Last night is a wake-up call and we need to listen and change accordingly. In the wise words of former President Obama, “Don’t boo, vote.”