Women's basketball looks more united

Women's basketball head coach Chad Killinger and forward Mya Glanton imitate NBA legends Dwyane Wade and Lebron James' famous dunk photo from Dec. 6, 2010.

The Women’s basketball team is already looking like a new team. With the changes that came in the offseason, they’re already looking more united. You can see this in their Instagram posts even, if you go to their page they have pictures with their new coach that are relating to what ones would call a modern “goat moment” or better yet a recreation of Lebron and D. Wade’s famous dunk photo from their Miami years.

This team looks like they are genuinely happy, they feel more real. They don’t feel they are putting a mask on to hide their feelings towards the program.

A controversial take is that this team really needed a new coaching staff, and unfortunately a Hall of Fame coach does not mean MVC championships. Vickie Hall had her moments where they looked great, yes, but over the years and the continued losing seasons the fans began to wonder when will we’d admit she’s not it. 

The women’s new head coach and coaching staff look to be bringing this team to greatness. Now we can’t expect a championship anytime soon, though, as this team still has to grow closer and bond to be a championship team. That doesn’t mean we won’t see a drastically different season this year, because we most definitely will. This year I believe we will see this team win more games, play better, and look happier on the court.

To round out my prediction of the women’s basketball season, I see the women bringing home a record of 9-9. I say this because, though they aren’t going to just turn around and win a title, they definitely are going to be playing better ball, and have a better dynamic bond on the court. The women’s basketball team will open their season on Dec. 30 at Drake.